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POLL: Should Strikeforce absorb Affliction MMA
Yes do it now...why wait 46% (12)
Yes but after their next event 27% (7)
No keep em seperate 27% (7)
4/21/09 2:15:04PM
Anyone else think that after After Afflictions next card they should just merge all their fighters into Strikeforce and make an organization that can truly compete with the UFC?

This would obviously give strikeforce a legitimate HW well as sure up some of the other ones
4/21/09 2:25:33PM
I don't think Strikeforce would want to pay the fighters what they're becoming accustomed to.
4/21/09 2:27:47PM
Well unfortunately Affliction is setting a bad standard which is going to hurt them in the long run...the industry isn't ready to support every fighter making great pay..not yet
4/21/09 2:38:53PM
Since SF doesn't have UFC's wallet...I could make some ridiculous arguments why not but I'm simply going to say no.
4/21/09 2:56:25PM
I could see a co-promotion, but dont see SF saving affliction. Just let 'em die and then pick up their fighters.
4/21/09 2:58:31PM
Thats pretty much what I'm saying...
4/21/09 9:27:36PM
I honestly think there is a viable chance a merger/co-promotion would work.

It's obvious that Affliction isn't going to get past the next event (if they make it there in the first place). And SF is a growing company with smart capitol and a strong media deal between CBS and Showtime.

I think SF could very easily make Affliction brand clothing company the lead sponsor for CBS shows and give them the lead commercial times for the shows in exchange for use of their stable of fighters. With Affliction off the hook for lead advertising costs, they could in turn pay a portion (or all) of the contracted fight purses for the Affliction-signed fighters.

This seams to me at least as a reasonible business practice on both sides. Affliction clothing gains a ton of new eyes and primetime advertising. SF gains an additional stable of VERY stong fighters in the most captivating weight division in the sport (Face it, causal fans like those who toon in to a CBS card are most interested in HW fighters). The fighters get paid, and get much more exposure. The fans get a much more diverse array of fights from one card to the next (rather then recycled contenders from previous shows). And ultimately the sport wins because SF can take one step closer to UFC in terms of competition.

I realise that it's probably easier said then done... But there are definitly reasons why the two should consider a merger. I don't think its as simple as saying "No. That's rediculous".

Probably never happen but I would support it in a heartbeat.
4/22/09 11:21:44AM
If they did merge I think they would be a serious threat to the ufc....but I just dont see it happening right now.
4/22/09 7:23:53PM
The big question would be

Ring or cage
4/22/09 8:43:12PM
Seeing how SF has the CBS deal and prefers cages. i'd say cage.

but it this was a viable option, it certainly be some competition for the UFC.

I'd love to see SF become more aggressive with recruiting talent from other organizations(like MFC, PFC, XFC)

but i dont think Coker is impulsive enough to expand this fast, he'll probably wait after a few more shows to gauge the success of the new deal before he does more
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