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8/18/12 8:23:44PM
Anyone have an "alternative" way of watching should one not be a Showtime subscriber? PM me please! Mine is lagging/skipping/freezing.
8/18/12 9:11:41PM
Didn't know that kind of kick is illegal. Probably will be overturned to a NC
8/18/12 9:40:21PM
Is no one else watching? Lol too bad cuz Tate vs Kedzie was a helluva fight
8/18/12 10:39:43PM
OSP looked pretty sloppy. I don't think he can hang with top guys.
8/18/12 10:54:06PM
i dont want to complain too much, but the commentators tonight are extra irritating. i would be fine with just militich.

this is a good card so far. hopefully it keeps the action up into the main event.
8/18/12 10:57:09PM
i hope kaufman takes it to rousey on the feet. i actually want rousey to win this fight but if she hasnt improved her hands drastically since the tate fight she could be in trouble. i dont think kaufman will be able to stop rousey from taking her down so she needs to tee-off on ronda while on the feet.
8/18/12 11:13:25PM
I turn it on this and there is a long shot of Tate eating a cupcake and it's like a really long shot. Very awkward.
8/18/12 11:41:01PM
Jacare has some mitts.
8/18/12 11:53:31PM
would have won 11k if bowling would have won
8/18/12 11:54:38PM
The poll was a little over Shamrock's head I guess.
8/18/12 11:58:44PM
8/19/12 12:00:21AM
70 points, let's see how that does.
8/19/12 12:00:31AM
fighters when they fight =

fighters when they talk =
8/19/12 12:02:24AM
I'm pretty sure Rousey could even find a way to armbar Kyle Maynard.
8/19/12 12:06:18AM
Kaufmann vs. Kedzie sounds good to me.
8/19/12 12:28:39AM
I'm happy for Rousey but it annoys the hell out of me when a fighter calls out someone in a different division but demands that THEY change divisions for the fight.
8/19/12 12:40:00AM
Idk why I listened to the post fight interview for once. I usually change it or have it muted.

Silly me.
8/19/12 4:35:58AM
Alligator won me 10 bucks, and Ronda won me 40. Not a bad night for me.

Can't wait to see these guys fight in the UFC.
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