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6/3/09 4:45:09AM
"The fights are scheduled for three-3-minute rounds, with the exception of Arlovski-Rogers, which is slated for five, 5-minute rounds."


I don't know who is going to pick a 4th or 5th round stoppage; but in case someone wants to, our picks currently only allow a 1/2/3 stoppage.

Just a heads up.
6/3/09 6:41:18AM
There has been confusion about this, but it's definately only 3 x 5 minute rounds.

I've seen confirmation from Strikeforce, but am struggling to find a link at the minute. Will post it soon....
6/3/09 6:42:20AM
5 5's Why it is non-title? That is goofy
6/3/09 6:53:31AM
i did some googling and apparently their initial press release said 5 5's and now it's 3 5's so no changes needed.

I'm assuming they were going to have it be for the interim HW title until Overeem was healthy, and decided against it.
6/3/09 8:24:27AM
SF Mulligan'd. The fight is still 3 rounds.
6/8/09 12:54:14PM
The rounds could've been the same as "So You Think You Can Fight" and it wouldnt have mattered. HAHA go to sleep
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