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10/26/12 10:11:02PM
I have a problem that some may or may not have come across.
Before I say it I would first like to say I have been in Martial arts since 3 yrs old.
That being said, i cant seem to strike with intent to harm to someone who has no ill will towards me. I have fought with people here and there (MMA fighters/practitioners) and it usually goes with me dodging/evading and pulling/stopping y strikes. Because I know they dont really want to harm me and are only doing it because its a match.
I cant seem to let everything go and strike someone like that though. does anyone have any advice on how to strike with all your might while not worrying about their well-being?
I think this is the biggest hurdle I have to get over on my path to go (try) pro.
So, any advice at all? I would appreciate it. Thank you.
10/26/12 10:18:01PM lack killer instinct?
10/26/12 10:19:50PM
Not exactly.
I have been in many fights on the streets where I have put people down.
I have a scar where a guy used a knife on me. I sent him to the hospital.
So, i can When needed...but i cant seem to let it go on just a person.
Any suggestions?
10/26/12 10:47:44PM

Posted by BlackSun

Not exactly.
I have been in many fights on the streets where I have put people down.
I have a scar where a guy used a knife on me. I sent him to the hospital.
So, i can When needed...but i cant seem to let it go on just a person.
Any suggestions?

Yeah, carry a BIGGER knife
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10/26/12 11:18:18PM
Have you fought for money? I would think fighting for your livelyhood would light a fire under anyones ass.
10/26/12 11:54:37PM
Maybe its just not in your nature man, there is nothing wrong with simply knowing how to defend yourself and loved ones properly.
10/27/12 12:23:46AM
I would try to change how you look at competition. The other person is trying to harm you, that's the sport. So to be a good competitor, you need to cause that harm. It doesn't make you a bad person, or make you go against your teaching. It's a sport, and it's violent in nature.

Try looking at it like a video game. Treat a fight the way you would the UFC game on PS3. Dodge the strikes, stuff the takedowns, and execute your gameplan when there is an opening. Be it striking or submissions, you need to go for the kill. The ref will (should) save your opponent from serious harm, and you will obviously know when your opponent has had too much or goes unconscious. Don't look at it as striking to harm, but striking to win, or striking with power.
11/1/12 4:52:13PM
Thank all of you fr your replies. I liked the thoughts and references. 1, fighting for livelihood, i think thats going to make me able to let go. 2, like a game. I love video games. Jae, I agree with you, but I think I need this. It looks like one of the few thing s I can be a success in. So, it will be hard, but I have to try and put all the human things on the back burner.
Again, thx all for the responses, helpful and informative.
11/2/12 9:33:06AM
I've trained with people with a similar problem, at least at first.

Maybe you need to "progress" to punching people hard in the face. Are you OK with throwing hard combinations in drills? For example, throwing a hard double hook (body, head) combination that the guy catches with his elbow and then with the glove against his cheek? If not, try doing some of those types of drills with a partner. You won't hurt him, it's good practice, and it gets you closer to throwing hard punches at a live opponent.

If you're OK with that, try body sparring--full sparring but with no puches at the neck level or above. Most people's problem with hitting someone has to do with hitting them in the face. (Likewise, that's what a lot of people are afraid of having happen to them). When you spar with only body punches try not to dance around but go in shoulder to shoulder and let off some hard punches. That's more realistic and it gets you closer to a real sparring session.

The final step before outright sparring is going to require a good partner--a guy who knows you have problems and who has sparred a lot before. You know the guy can take a punch without getting hurt and you know he wants you to get more comfortable sparring. You need to spar but with you intentionally closing the distance and fighting from closer range (even if it seems awkward) and him giving you some intentional openings that you can exploit. If he's leaving an opening and ready for the punch, you're not going to hurt him and the more you do this the more you'll realize this and the more relaxed and comfortable you'll get. Eventually you'll start closing the distance naturally and he won't need to provide blatant openings and you'll just be sparring normally.
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