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9/21/08 10:17:59AM
Overall a pretty good card, great to see is streamed live on sherdog. Ishida and Thompson looked good. Terry Martin has a wicked hard punch and Misaki vs. Riggs went from an awful start to a great finish. Thoughts?
9/21/08 10:58:28AM
Ishida pulled off an amazing set of moves with that kimura throw to arm bar. One of the coolest things I've seen all year. Gotta love those Japanese fighters, they all have "style" in the way they fight.

Terry Martin was disappointing the hell out of me until he landed that big shot. The guy has power for days but he almost let that fight go.

Riggs blew it once again. The fight didn't really say much about either fighter that we didn't already know. Riggs stays out of the top 20 and Misaki stays in it. Granted the stoppage was kind of questionable, but yet the way in which it ended was inevitable. That shot from Riggs didn't really look like it connected well on Misaki and it only seemed to fire him up to get it overwith. Riggs was going down as soon as Misaki opened up.

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