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6/4/08 1:12:59AM
I'm learning bravo from an old buddy of mine but i really need to be more flexible. does anyone know some really good stretches i could use to max my flexability ASAP?

Links would be amazing.
6/4/08 8:27:09AM
Man Bravo style tore up my hips and my knees because I naturally have tight hip flexors and ITBands. I feel your pain

Here is a page that's specifically about hip flexor inflexibility-

and my personal favorite-

Also, try getting a stretching band. They help immensely with flexibility and you can do a wide array of partner type stretches without a partner because of these bands. I tried to find a link but I actually couldn't find one cuz I'm short on time. Just remember to always warm up your muscles before you stretch them! And warm up then stretch first thing in the morning, too.. it'll make you wake up real well and help with flexibility :)
6/4/08 12:44:23PM
Thanks Jack thats an awsome assortment i owe ya one!
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