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6/20/07 2:27:42PM
what kind of stretches do you want to do for MMA? i do yoga do you think that is enuff?
6/20/07 2:39:05PM
look through this (MMA Training) forum and you'll find at least 2-3 other threads on this.
6/21/07 3:26:54PM
There's general stretching/flexibility and then there is sport specific stretching/flexibility. Doing yoga is a very good, effective way to build up general flexibility, but depending on what type of MMA training you are doing, you'll have to supplement it with some other things to get maximum benefit. Some examples of additional stretching you might want to consider:
* neck bridges
* inverted hamstring stretches (tough to describe, but mimicking folding your body in half from the guard position)
* stretching wrists and ankles
* dynamic stretching which mimicks kicking motions
* additional hip/groin stretches like seated splits and the equivalent of the yoga "frog" pose
6/24/07 1:44:04AM
for the kicking motion do you mean splits? and i dont get the hamstring stretch one.
6/24/07 7:30:51PM

Posted by danny81

for the kicking motion do you mean splits? and i dont get the hamstring stretch one.

Splits would be useful but different than dynamic kicking motions. The two simplest motions are:
1) Keep your leg straight, but not completely locked out at the knee with the toes peeled back. Swing the leg straight in front of you up towards your head (an axe kick motion in you know what that is). Start off around waist high and then try to go a few inches higher each time until you can't go higher without pain or losing your balance
2) Place both hands on a wall about a foot in front of you and keep you leg straight, slightlly in front of you and with the toes curled back. Swing the leg, leading with the heel from in front of the body upwards (a side kick motion if you know what that is). Same thing, start off at a low height and try to swing higher.

The inverted hamstring stretch helps train for a flexible guard. If you look at guys like Nick Diaz or BJ Penn you'll see that they can almost fold themselves in half making it very tough to ever get by their legs and get to side control or mount. The way to stretch for this is similar to the Plow stretch in yoga, except that you need to work your hips and lower back to the ground. If your hips and shoulders can both be on the ground and your legs are swung over your head so the toes touch--you're giong to have the flexibilyt to have that very effective guard.
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