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8/9/11 10:58:57AM
Hey I'm becoming pretty interested in parkour and I just read in one of the articles about stretching that if u don't warmup before u stretch u can lose up to 30% muscle strength is this true? And what would a warmup be 5 to 10 min of skipping jogging etc. Any helo gets props thx
8/9/11 6:43:11PM
Yeah, it's best to warm up the muscles before you stretch. The length of my warm ups depend on what I'm doing and how long I'll be doing it for. Jogging for a few minutes is a good warm up. You'll be using your whole body for parkour though, so it would probably be best to add something like jumping jacks or burpees to the mix as well.
8/10/11 11:07:30PM
Yeah you need to warm up a bit prior to a short stretch, don't be afraid to stretch a little during your work outs either even if it's for only a couple of seconds. My main stretches are actually a couple of hours after I have cooled down, when I start to feel tight, and then again prior to going to sleep so that I don't wake up stiff and sore.
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