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8/5/10 1:03:03PM
Hey guys,

anyone have any good strength training videos? I just picked up some sweet videos for Jiu Jitsu training with over 200 videos. . I am looking fro something like this any suggestions would be wicked thanks.
9/13/10 12:47:12PM
hey man, I got just what u need, this helped me alot when i started mma 2 years ago, give it a try !

10/18/10 2:54:53AM
Try doing this, for increased strength you must do low reps, high weight. you must do a weight that you can do about 3 or 4 reps on. then do about three sets. increase the weight in 5 pound increments evry week until you plateau.
Once you reach your plateau you must assess whether or not you have peaked, if you feel you have peaked then your stuck, otherwise you might have to gain weight or eat lots more food. The better question is what is your weight, your body fat percentage, injury history, medical status, size, and overall body shape. so many variables apply to this question.
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