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2/6/09 1:09:09PM
Anyone else hear about this movie? I just found out about it through a movie email newsletter I sometimes get...

As the Street Fighter saga celebrates its 20th anniversary, fight fans are invited to follow along with fearsome fighter Chun-Li (Smallville's Kristin Kreuk) as she faces off against a series of formidable opponents in this feature adaptation of the popular video-game franchise directed by Exit Wounds' Andrzej Bartkowiak. Previously adapted for the screen in the 1994 Jean-Claude Van Damme film, the series continues to thrive as eager gamers across the globe go toe-to-toe to determine who is the most skilled and powerful warrior in the video-game universe. Michael Clarke Duncan, Chris Klein, Rick Yune, and Neal McDonough co-star in the 20th Century Fox production. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

No Van Damme in this one. It's scheduled to open on the 27th. Now that I know about it...I'm gonna have to try and check it out!

A few (roughly 4) photos & movie poster after the jump:
2/6/09 1:44:46PM
Yeah, I think I put in my list of "upcoming movies I want to see" thread.

It has Kristin Kreuk playing Chun LI, which seems like a pretty solid match to me. Most likely it's going to be absolute crap, but sometimes for me, it's more about subject matter rather than quality that gets my interest. Can't wait to see it.
2/6/09 2:01:49PM
Looks like Michael Clarke Duncan will be in it, too. Will he be playing the boxer dude or what? What was that guy's name... TJ Combo .. no... think that was from Killer Instinct. I can't remember the boxer dude's name lol
2/6/09 2:04:21PM
Balrog in the US, I think he's called Vega in Japan. Robin Shou is also in this, I think he was in the first Mortal Kombat film among others. He'll play Gen. The director, a Polish one, also directed "Doom" (with The Rock) and "Romeo Must Die" (with Jet Li) and was a cinematographer on many hits from 1976-2001. he also directed "Exit Wounds" and "Cradle 2 The Grave".
2/6/09 2:09:17PM
Yeah, Balrog.. that was it! I thought Vega was the dude with the claws that climbed the fence and jumped at you, though. Maybe in Japan the names were flipped though.

All I know is I could never get past Saget. I had a name for him that's not appropriate for the forums. "Saget the ...."

Edit: Also, I should mention I couldn't get past him on the arcades. On the consoles it was cake
2/6/09 2:10:37PM
Yeah, some of the names are different in Japan. Sagat wasn't changed, but the rest of them (Balrog, Vega, M. Bison) are.
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