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3/26/09 12:46:03PM
I was thinking about this and thought maybe I wasn't the only one with weird turnoffs.

Chubby wrists or hands. Doesn't matter if she's a little chubby, I like a girl that doesn't puke after every meal. But if she has chubby wrist or hands it's not good for me.

Painted fingernails (fake or grown) big turnoff.

Anyone else have something odd to contribute?
3/26/09 1:00:20PM
Chubby fingers. Yuk. I dont like girls who bit their nails either.
3/26/09 1:46:20PM

- Farting. Even when it's the girl you've been dating/married to for years.

- When your spouse leaves the bathroom door open while she is on the toilet. Sorry, but that's just private time.

- Too much makeup.

- Moose Knuckle

- Fake tans in mid-December.
3/26/09 2:06:57PM
turn ons: monroe piercings and getting septums pierced

turn offs: tramp stamp tattoos, mustaches
3/26/09 2:26:55PM
Turn ons- boobs
Turn offs- garlic breath ( damn girl use a breath mint befor you kiss me)
3/26/09 2:44:59PM
Theres a lot of obvious turn offs like an unnatural tan and turn ons like deepthroat but I'll stick to some weird ones...

-Strange Turn Off #1 ... Dumbass Women ... (Even if shes really hot it dosnt really matter, if shes dumb as dirt shes instantly unattractive to me, theres exceptions to this, like my strange turn on #1)
-Strange Turn Off #2 ... Bi Sexual Women ... (Just dont like them, pick a damn team and quit converting our girlfriends you bitches)

-Strange Turn On #1 ... Random Times To F**k Around (I guess its more like "freaky and unique women")
-Strange Turn On #2 ... Dirty Talk And Or Getting Slapped In The Face (AKA rough sex, this is more specific so its not as obvious, I'm like Leben, I dont get too into it until I get a little excited or hurt first)
-Strange Turn On #3 ... Hickies And Love Marks (I have a few, my neck has taken a beating lol)

EDIT: sounds like im a bit desensitized...oh well
3/26/09 2:59:12PM
any kind of facial piercing

3/26/09 3:01:25PM
- Women who cuss like a sailor. I'm no Saint, but I don't like my woman to be a hardass.

- Nice hair. Preferrably not short.
3/26/09 3:42:07PM
Off- MAN HANDS are the worst on women, i remember a hot girl grabbed my arm and i felt her giant hands (which were a lot smaller then mine but still) and it freaked me out
-dirty talk when the girl doesnt really know how too (its just awkward)
-girls who dont take showers everyday (i do it, so can she)

On- any girl who is down for public places
- girls finishing there workouts (sports bra, stretchy pants, and a little sweat)
-i hate emo music, but the emo girls can be extremely hot
3/26/09 4:32:44PM
Turn on- girls waring ball caps

Turn offs- FAKE women
3/26/09 4:46:39PM

Posted by outshined

Turn offs- FAKE women

Ahh, they're not too bad as long as they're not over-priced. I got one for my birthday one year and it was actually a great gift until I accidentally popped it when a safety pin.

Some of them do suck. They either A.) don't feel right or B.) give mad friction burn or C.) look like they're staring at you no matter where you are in the room.

3/26/09 4:47:54PM
turnon: women who fight back when u go MMA on them =) its funn hehe

turnoff: constantly harassing you when you say brb or ill text you in a bit
3/26/09 5:31:08PM
Turn Off - Amy Winehouse
Turn Off - A **** ton of tattoo's

Turn On - BJ's
3/26/09 5:42:20PM
Turn on: I love it when my girl wears my clothes (pajamas & sweatshirts, etc not like she's off to work in my Jos&Banks suit or something)

Turn off: Anything affiliated with a broad being high maintinence...
3/26/09 5:45:28PM
Ons: Cute voice, glasses, medium-length or longer hair

Offs: Tattoos, non-ear piercing, short hair (like this one person I work with, she literally has a crew cut. She's Polish though. I think)
3/26/09 8:54:26PM
Turn on Sexy black woman the darker the better pouring milk all over herself!
3/26/09 9:02:08PM
Guys, come on, most of the stuff you list are pretty common.

Turn Ons:

Eyebrows - That's right, a girl's eyebrows can make her face just as much as any other portion.

Back Dimples - Oh

Pelvic bones - not like on really skinny chicks, but how they are exposed just a bit when girls lay on their backor when you have your arm wrapped around a girl and can feel her midsection. Very hot.

Turn Offs:

I refuse to even entertain the idea of hooking up with a chick if she is shallow. Even if its not towards me, if a girl makes a vapid comment it pisses me off and I instantly lose any attraction I once had. Sweet and confident is my calling card.
3/26/09 10:01:01PM
This one may not be that strange, but I tend to get turned off by most girls when they start talking
3/26/09 10:03:33PM
not sure if I would call this a turn on but definetly weird I really like spanish girls' hair. not short or medium. but long. no clue why but I like it.
3/26/09 10:32:30PM
Turn on- When she likes pain or has a (pretend) bitchy attitude flirting. That's right I llike me a chika.

Maybe I'm alone but I like lip piercings and some girls look sexy sexy with nose piercings, only problem is those ones tend to be the loosey goosey ones.
3/27/09 12:46:59AM
Turn ons: Aggresive girls, Girls that like to wrestle, glasses, big lips.

Turn offs: Cleft chins. I don't care how cute a girl is, if she has a cleft chin, it ruins everything. The sames true for a lazy eye.
3/27/09 4:41:54AM
Turn on's- When girls wear football jersey's, or when girls dye their hair crazy colors

Turn off's - Hairy arms, tattoo's
3/27/09 6:04:25AM
I like small asian women with little feet. Oh and the arch of a womans back. Or the devilish grin they give you when their thinking naughty thoughts.

I dont like women with scent's, this includes the perfumy type as well as the ogres that radiant their odor.

3/27/09 6:05:38AM
and glasses!
3/27/09 7:19:20AM
tatoos chicks with tatoos are gross in my book could by fine as hell then has a tatoo and its just not for me

chicks with big tits and a nice ass also got to have a good lookin face
3/27/09 8:29:04AM
Turn ons - Perfect girl
Turn off - Not the perfect girl

I think that is the most broad way I can do it, but it seems some of you guys are "nice ass / tits" Lets be a bit more obvious! The title says STRANGE. If a nice rack and ass is strange to you, you might wanna move to a diff town.
3/27/09 5:15:53PM

Posted by warglory

Turn Ons:

Back Dimples - Oh

How could i forget...
3/27/09 5:55:18PM
I like girls with no tattoos on show, but awesome big back peices.
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