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9/28/08 10:09:00PM
Last night I was at a high school party that got busted up by the police. The girl who was throwing it's mom showed up when everyone started to clear out. To cut threw some boring parts I will skip a bit.

My friends and I were down the street in the woods, they had killed at least 1/2 a bottle of liquer each, I had had around 12 beers and a joint, and it was 10 minutes after we had left the party. Friend #1 starts pretending we are in Vietnam hiding from Charlie (the cops who had been called.) Friend #2 has called his step-dad (who is very cool) to come and pick us up.

#1 decides to start drunk dialing and screaming "GET DOWN IN THE BUSH CHARLY IS GONNA ******* FIND US!!" This alerts the house which we are near in the woods, we see the lights come on. "We have to move down deeper in the woods, they probably just called the cops." I told them.

"No we have to stay in the bush. Wait im getting a call, its probably HQ wondering on our coordinates." said #1 as he kept yelling on the phone and more lights turned on in the house behind us.

Around this time #2 yells "Yo I have to back to get my bottle." and starts running back towards the house where the party is at. The bottle was empty and he had forgotten that the cops had been called to the house where he was heading. I tell #1 that #2 is going with or without us.

I catch up to 2 while 1 is still in the bushes talking to me on my cell, which i had hung up 2 minutes ago. 2 cut threw every yard on the way there, causing multiple flood lights to come on and dogs to start barking.

2 got ahold of his empty liquer bottle as I tried to salvage what i could from the 36 pack i had at the edge of the peoples driveway, but leave it after I see some headlights start to come, its 2's step-dad.

We start to get in the car as the cops pull up behind us, 2 has a deer in the headlights look and freaks out and leaves the empty bottle in front of the car. 1 (Who is a big dude, 6'3'' and 280) runs threw the middle of the street with his bottle of Jack Daniels in his hand as he stashed it in the car when he got in

The cop comes up and starts to talk to the three of us, leaving his step-dad out and asks us to leave the car. All hell was about to break lose.

The cop immediately realizes that we are all plastered. "Which one of you has the weed, any of you been smoking?" he asked.

None of us were holding so we were ok, however we all smelled strongly of smoke because we had been smoking cigars and had some on us.

#2 says out of the blue, "I told you we should have stayed in the bush, Charly wouldn't have found us."

The looked at him weird and then pointed to the 36 pack I had left and asked if we had been drinking. "Well we had like one, not even, maybe a few sips of a wine cooler each." I said to him.

The cop asked for out ID's, as I go to pull out my wallet around 5 beer caps fall out of my pocket.

"PIck up your..oh...nevermind." said the cop.

He took our ID's and said to the other officer who had not said anything "It looks like we're gonna have to go the long way."

I was convinced we were going to jail as #2 asked the cop, "Is your gun real?"

Just as I think we couldnt say anything more stupid #1 decides to tell the cop, "Its cool. I am ready to take a polygraph test, I'm going to be in the state department someday."

"Well I hope you boys are ready to take one tonight" said the cop.

This freaked out the others as I realized the cops were messing with us, they never give polygraph tests because they can't hold up in court.

The first cop returned and searched us, he just found cigars on the other 2 and let us go. "I ******* told you guys we should have stayed in the bush and waited for the chopper to come and pick us up, I was right." #1 kept yelling as we walked back to the car.

As 2's stepdad backed out, the bottle of empty liquer that had been stashed was clearly visible.

We got back to 2's house and decicded to take some shots of Jack as celebration that we weren't in jail.

Clarification: We got our ID's back and we were all completly off. No breathalizer and our parents didint find out (We're all 17) aside from 2's parents, who we joked with about it in the morning.
9/28/08 10:13:31PM
did you get to keep your ID's?
9/28/08 11:23:59PM
...The Aristocrats!
9/29/08 3:44:29AM
You crazy emo kids...
9/29/08 3:58:55PM
I was at a party the other night, wish it was as fun as the one you went to

Some 25 yr old guy tried to fight me and there were 40 guys and around 10 chicks, so it was pointless and left after about an hour.
9/29/08 4:05:16PM
9/29/08 4:32:30PM
haha good stuff
10/5/08 7:14:28PM

Posted by Mitchell740

"PIck up your..oh...nevermind." said the cop.

lol, thats was the best part.

great story man.
10/5/08 8:58:25PM

good job
hope the next party is just as awesome
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