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1/18/09 9:39:58AM
I had the pleasure of flying out to Dublin on Saturday to watch UFC 93 live. I met a lad out there who i know from the MMA Playground Gareth ( GML ) from the Bravo fight camp. At about one in the morning we bumped into Chris Lytle and his two trainers. They came into the pub we were in and had a drink with us. They sat with us for about an hour chatting away about the UFC. He was such a top bloke.

On the way back I saw 3 fighters in the airport. Mark Coleman, Phil Baroni and Brandon Lee Hinkle. I over heard Baroni speaking to a fan and he said his next fight could be in the UFC.

I for one hope this is true.
1/18/09 12:07:57PM
I think that Baroni is living in a dream world. With so many better free agent options out there, he has no place returning to the UFC
1/18/09 12:13:03PM
wouldn't mind seeing baroni back in the ufc, he is a gate keeper at best but he puts on good fights and has a great personality, a rematch with drago at 170 would be pretty cool, grudge match with the two camps.
1/18/09 12:22:34PM
I wouldnt mind seeing him back in the UFC.JMO
1/18/09 12:30:47PM
I guess I wouldnt mind having him back either, its just that there are a lot of guys out there that the UFC should spend there time trying to acquire ahead of him.
1/18/09 12:51:25PM
Baroni and Dana were talking in the octagon after the coleman shogun fight and they seemed quite friendly. I would like to see Baroni fight Lytle. Would be exciting IMO.
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