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5/9/08 3:21:43PM
A Summary of Uwe Boll's Directorial Record
Number of films released in the US: 3
However, he currently has 7 other, equaly bad, films to his directing credit never released in the US.

Number of films on the IMDb Bottom 100: 3
All three of his films released in the US are on this list. More than any other director worldwide, ever.

Average film rating on the IMDb (out of 10): 2.2
Lower than or equal to any other director (with multiple film credits) since record-keeping began.

I know what you're thinking: "It can't be that bad. Hollywood would not permit this to happen, let alone continue un-checked." Think again.

This scourge goes much deep than you can imagine. It only begins with the worst directing modern cinema has ever seen. It ends with Uwe Boll buying up the rights to, and systematically destroying, all of our most beloved gaming treasures.

Dr. Boll has proclaimed that he will stop making movies if 1,000,000 sign a petition. so far, there are 264,000+ signatures pleading this man to stop ruining some of our favorites. the reason we want and end to him is because he buys out the rights so no other good director can make a movie from the game and so the game is forever tied to the crap the Boll puts out. it is an atrocity for movie goers everywhere and the video-game community and the world of cinema would be better without him. please sign the doesn't give you viruses, it does not give away your e-mail and is 100% clean

Link to petition: LINK

5/9/08 4:52:33PM
Signed! His movies make Ed Wood look like a GENIUS.
5/9/08 4:54:59PM
what movies did he make?
5/9/08 4:57:27PM

Posted by atlas777

what movies did he make?

His Filmography

Most famous...errr well known for House of the Dead and Alone in the Dark and so on...
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