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6/20/10 5:45:02PM

Anderson Silva, why haven't we given him a challenge in his MMA career. I mean, the only person I can remember giving him a difficult timewas Dan Henderson. But Silva has defeated the elite fighters of the UFC such as Rich Franklin, Nate Marquardt and Forrest Griffin! So who do you think should be next to step into the cage with "The Spider"?(I doubt Chael Sonnen has a chance).

My Top Pick:

Mauricio "Shogun" Rua

Possibly the one person who would give Anderson Silva the hardest match of his MMA career. The dude is a f****** beast! Shogun has the aspects and skills to maybe with a wide chance, defeat Anderson Silva.

Any oher suggestions or do you disagree?
6/20/10 8:30:23PM
Sounds to me like someone's trying to gather information about interest in a shogun v silva match :P

I think it'd be a great match, and the UFC could market this so well. The problem is that I still don't think Rua can take out Silva, simply because Rua's strongest area's play perfectly into Silva's strongest areas.

What I mean is this. Rua is an agressive striker. Anderson is an aggressive counter-striker. People will use the Machida fight to say that Rua can beat counter-striker's, but Machida is a defensive counter-striker, and that makes all the difference.

Silva via TKO or UD.
6/20/10 11:38:09PM
Shogun has a great chance to beat Silva. No doubt in my mind. Shogun knows how to come in with a game plan.

I also would pick Jon Jones. He def has the skills and size to toss Silva around.

To me the ticket to beating Silva is a fighter with unpredictablity.
6/21/10 12:06:42AM
Shogun is alot bigger than people think in relation to Anderson. Nearly the same hieght, but way, way wider and stockier. Anderson looks small standing next to Machida.
Shogun uses enough headmovement and feints to cause rangy counter punchers to over extend themselves. Anderson uses alot of similar tactics as Machida does, allowing his mobility to keep his defensive holes safe from danger, but i think Shoguns skillset allows him to constantly breach into the pocket and continuously find openings.

Anderson keeps his hands too low to get into a firefight with shogun. If you look back at silva's fights he gets hit with right hooks clean in nearly every fight, its just none of his opponents have had the power and volume to capitalize.
6/21/10 1:08:31AM
People i would pick against Anderson Silva (non-HW):

Shogun (good call guys. definitely agree he has the perfect style to defeat him)
Machida (i just think he is better at everything Anderson does)
Rashad (now that he has reverted back to his wrestling strength, i can actually be comfortable picking Rashad to smother him)
GSP (i know people feel strongly both ways...i'm just one of the people that strongly feels GSP could beat Anderson)
6/21/10 1:32:31AM
I think that Silva would technically dominate Machida standing up. Like Pookie said, Machida is more of a defensive counter striker while Silva is an amazing aggressive counter striker. Rashad isn't skilled enough to take on Silva for 3 rounds BUT his wrestling would be a problem for Silva. I would pray to god for GSP and Silva to happen but it doesn't seem possible right now. Silva has Chael Sonnen in like 2 months and Vitor Belfort in a couple of more months while GSP has Josh Koshcheck and possibly the winner of the Jon Fitch and Thiago Alves fight. But I wish it would happen.
6/21/10 2:14:55AM
I think machida and anderson would fight like carbon copies of each other, both unwilling to commit to anything strong. Anderson could catch him, but i like Machida's skillset to neutralize the other facets of andersons game better than Silva's chances at landing perfectly. I also think machida plays range better and could win a decision with nothing but more leg kicks and less whiffs.

6/21/10 2:33:06AM
I think Rashad could get the takedown occasionally, but not enough to win him the fight.

The key is Andersons mobility and footwork. Its too hard to get close to him if you're not willing to engage first with strikes. Rashad has never shown an impressive takedown game, though he changes levels well and has some of the strongest "push"(with his legs) in the game.

If Anderson gets in close and gets into a firefight like he did forrest (who posed no threat to a takedown) than rashad can change levels and push through him. Unfortunately, Anderson will not do that, and probably wont even give Rashad the luxury of counterpunching at all. Rashad has to blitz him to get the takedown, and he's ill-equipped defensively to stop himself from getting blasted on the way in.

Rashad has to garner a takedown every round, and keep Anderson there without recieving tantamount damage in return. He also has to do this for three round without gassing.

Anderson will finish him like Machida did, for the same reasons. Rashad's footwork, and lack of defensive skills.

Theres also a few troubles anderson could give Rashad on the ground. But that just seems excessive for now.
6/21/10 5:48:47PM
I think Machida would have a good chance of taking a decision, but I think Shogun might have taken something from him in that first fight.

Shogun has a chance against anybody in the world on any given night. I've always believed Shogun is the best in the world, but Anderson could potentially beat Shogun on his best night and Shogun is breaking down and I don't know if he'll ever reach full potential for a long period of time. I think this fight should happen because I think the window of greatness could be getting smaller for Shogun.

6/22/10 4:18:58PM
it would be a great fight but i don't see it happening. and to all those people that say sonnen doesn't have a chance, your wrong. if sonnen forces silva to play into his game he definetly cna beat him. people talk about nate marquart as an elite fighter but IMO sonnen embarrassed nate. i cant wait for this fight and i would give my left nut to see sonnen take the title.
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