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2/7/08 4:03:45PM
Thursday 7/2-08

Back, Trapz:
Deadlifts: 6x2, 3x1 on 298lbs (+6lbs)
Lats in machine: 6x1 on 198, 6x1 on 209, 6x1 on 221lbs
Seated row in machine: 6x1 on 176, 6x2 on 198lbs

Eating: Great!

Sleep: 6½h

Stretching: 10 mins.
2/8/08 5:23:33PM
Friday 8/2-08

Been eating great today. About 7 or 8 meals and I felt full the entire day. I did some arm workouts at the gym but nothing spectacular.

Weight: 182lbs (+1lbs)
2/10/08 6:35:45PM
Sunday 10/2-08

Legs, Abs:
Squats: 6x3 on 198lbs (+5lbs)
Front squats:6x1 on 154, 6x1 on 160, 6x1 on 165lbs (+22lbs!!)
Lunges: 12x3 on 55lbs (+5 lbs)
Sit-ups: Just a bunch of em.

Eating: Pretty bad. Too little.

Sleep: 6h.

Stretching: 20 mins.

Felt really good today!.

2/15/08 6:10:32PM
Monday 11/2-08

BJJ practice. Felt slow and stiff today and got caught in a pretty nasty armbar that I shouldn't been caught in. Got long ways to go.
2/15/08 6:17:10PM
Tuesday 12/9-08

Chest, Shoulders:
Bench press: 6x3 on 232lbs
Dumbell bench press: 6x3 with 77lbs dumbells
Incline Dumbell Bench Press: 6x3 with 72lbs dumbells
Military Press: 6x2 on 132 lbs (-6lbs)
Cable Flies: 6x3 on 110lbs

Eating: Good

Sleep: 7h

Stretching:[/B 15 mins.]
2/15/08 6:26:18PM
Had backpains all Wednesday and could barely sit on my ass so no BJJ for me. Thursday was Valentines Day and my gift to Jessica was not training for once so no lifting weights that day.

Friday 15/2-08

Did some deadlifts but switched to goodmornings because I couldn't get a good grip on the barbell. Also did some chins, rows and curls but nothing to write home about.
I didn't feel like I had any energy or motivation today.

Things hasn't been going my way lately training-wise. No matter how much time I put in training I still don't feel any results from it. Eating differently hasn't made much of a difference either. Now I'll try to rest myself in shape and cut down on the lifting a little bit and hopefully get a few more days off. Resting has never helped me in the past but I'm getting desperate. I also don't feel the evolvement on the mat that I want to feel and it's getting frustrating because I've really dedicated my life to training and MMA these last few years and I don't feel like it pays off.
2/15/08 8:56:31PM
IMO, you need more sets. I just don't think you're doing enough sets per muscle group to really get gain, but enough to not lose any muscle. It could also be that you've simply hit a plateau. Try out some advanced techniques to try and get through the plateau. Try out some burnouts, forced reps, negatives, etc. These will all help you to get back on track. Also, try being more consistent with your lifts. This is a controversial subject, some say to switch it up so you don't get bored, blah blah blah. IMO you gotta keep it the same, atleast for a month or two so you can really gauge your progress.
2/17/08 12:34:21PM
Appreciate your input bayon. I'll try to switch it up a little and go for a few more sets and maybe max out a little more often.

Saturday 16/2-08

BJJ sparring. Felt really weak and tired before training but this session went really well. I had a great time and tried to work on new set-ups as much as possible. Perhaps that's where my focus needs to be right now. Just trying to enjoy training and trying out as many new things as possible.
2/17/08 12:37:58PM
Sunday 17/2-08

Legs, Abs:
Squats: 6x3 on 198lbs
Front squats: 6x3 on 165lbs
Lunges: 12x3 on 55lbs
Sit-ups: Just a bunch of em

Eating: Ok.

Stretching: 20 mins of really good stretching.
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