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2/12/07 4:22:19PM
According to MMA weekly Joe Stevenson and Melvin Guillard will face off April 5th on Spike TV. I'm really looking forward to see what Joe Stevenson can do against a very dangerous striker. I guess this also might mean the UFC didn't sign Caol Uno.
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2/12/07 4:23:22PM
Great fight though, bummer about Uno. I 'll take Stevenson by sub, round 2.
2/12/07 4:34:26PM
Much rather see Uno back in the ufc but im still excited about this fight
2/12/07 4:35:36PM
too bad it isnt caol uno.. hopefully they will bring him back at a later date

but stevenson vs guillard? that should be a great fight.. hmm.. ill have to think about that one before making a prediction hah.. lots of things to consider
2/12/07 4:36:50PM
That should be a great fight...classic example of a wrestler vs. a striker. I think Stevenson is smarter...he'll find a way to win.
2/12/07 4:39:58PM
I agree; Melvin better be working on his sprawl and brawl or he'll be on his back the entire night.
2/12/07 5:44:58PM
WAR MELVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
should be a good fight
2/12/07 5:54:03PM
I think Stevenson by sub
2/12/07 7:05:11PM
this is in the making for a great fight.

Stevenson has better skills on the ground, but Guillard has a notorious lateral throw that has thrown off close to everyone whose tried to take him down. It will be interesting to see how the match up.

I really like both of these guys, but I'd rather have Guillard win, and I think he will by a unan dec.
2/12/07 7:42:01PM
Guilliard by Stevenson breaking down mentally.
2/12/07 7:48:53PM
Guillard is a great striker and I am looking forward to seeing his explosions when trapped on the ground by Stevenson. He has amazing explosive abitlites. I think Joe will be able to overcome.

My vote: Stevenson submission round 3. Should be a great fight!
2/12/07 8:07:17PM
I hope Guillard by BRUTAL KO but I think Stevenson wins by sub in rd.1
2/14/07 8:51:02PM
The smartest thing team punishment could have him do is work with Lister a lot. Joe seems to fight smarter since he got upset by Neer. I think he will go to the ground as soon as he can.
2/14/07 9:00:43PM
I'm going to have to pick Steveson on this one. Melvin has some problems with Gabe Rudiger when it went to the ground. With Steveson being a more complete mma fighter and physically stronger then Gabe, I can see Stevenson being able to take it to the ground with more ease the Gabe. I'm going to have to say Stevenson second round sub. But he is going to take some punishment to get it. It's a good match up.
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