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11/11/08 7:53:12AM
I see Kenny is almost a 2 to 1 fav. Kenny has the better standup, stevenson the better wrestler, both are bjj.. Whats everyones take on the outcome of this fight?
11/11/08 7:58:57AM
I think they're both rather evenly matched, but think Kenny has what it takes to win and will probably UD Stevenson.
11/11/08 9:03:48AM
Ken Flo has mad heart and is hungry for the win as Joe Daddy just hasn't produced enough lately. But he needs to win, i just think Kenny will def get a UD over him if not his bjj maybe slightly better.
11/11/08 10:11:34AM
Kenny by 3rd round TKO or doctor's stoppage from elbows.
11/11/08 10:39:44AM
kenny is better at almost everything imo
11/11/08 10:49:55AM
So long as Joe doesn't plan to lay-n-pray, Kenny should win. Kenny has shown he's subject to better wrestling via the Sherk fight. Kenny UD.
11/11/08 11:28:34AM
Other than Joe's lose to BJ he really hasn't fought someone at Kenny's level so My pick is Zoolander cuz he finishes fights
11/11/08 11:41:13AM
Stevenson via sub. 2nd or 3rd round..i see this match kinda like the Sherk vs Florian match..Stevenson just gonna take him down and GnP and look for a sub...
11/11/08 12:10:20PM

Posted by Khaos

I think they're both rather evenly matched, but think Kenny has what it takes to win and will probably UD Stevenson.

Close one to call, but I give a slight edge to Florian.
11/11/08 1:06:55PM
I think that Joe's strength will give him the advantage. He will take the fight to the ground at will and I think there, Kenny will have problems. Joe by tko stoppage in 3rd.
11/11/08 1:31:55PM
The only advantage I see Stevenson having in this fighting is his wrestling, otherwise Florian is better at everything else. I think Florian will end up getting a submission off his back. Either that or TKO
11/11/08 2:25:28PM
I think Joe has better boxing, but Kenny has better striking overall. But I think the key to this fight is going to be how much stronger Joe is than kenny, and not forgetting hes a blackbelt now to, i think he'll take Kenny down and grind out a UD. He has to watch out for those elbows though.
11/11/08 4:14:12PM
joe daddy dominates GnP for 3 rounds for UD.
11/11/08 5:15:35PM
Stevenson by UD
11/11/08 6:21:09PM
Florian by cut and choke
11/11/08 6:25:52PM
Joe is a bad ass grappeler and has sick leg locks. He is now a black belt in BJJ and he is thicker then Kenny. I would prob give Kenny the edge in the stand up but Joe is much stronger and will take Kenny down and grind him for 3 hard rds.
11/11/08 7:08:55PM
Stevenson will be seeing red again. Kenny by TKO Elbows/cut
11/11/08 7:26:39PM
This match most likely will look a lot like Sherk vs. Florian fight. Joe will use his strength to take Florian down and either gnp his way to a tko or ud. I would say sub, but the only sub I could see Joe Daddy putting on Florian would be his sick ass guillotine and that would most likely involve Florian shooting for a take down which won't happen. Florian has grown on me (for awhile there for some reason I just couldn't stand him, no good reason I just did, can't explain it), he fights with a lot of heart and comes in with good game plans, which I really love to see, but I have been a big fan of Joe Daddy for awhile now and I gotta go for him.
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