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11/10/08 12:08:44PM
When Kenny Florian & Joe Stevenson face off at UFC 91 this Saturday, there now will be 2 BJJ black belts fighting instead of just one. Stevenson earned his black belt from world class grappler Robert Drysdale this past weekend in a ceremony that apparently was 13 years in the making.

11/10/08 1:00:02PM
Other then a cut I don't see how Kenflo can win this fight.
11/10/08 1:01:05PM
idk... Ken Flo is a beast and its a very interesting fight, and possibily the fight of the night in my eyes.
11/10/08 1:06:26PM
with the proper gameplan- Kenny can definately win this fight-
Normally when someone gives the "other than this" he cant win quote I am used to seeing a really dominat fighter fighting a "we had to toss someone in there" fighter-

Silva V Cote
St. Pierre V Serra
Griffin V Rampage

and these were " Championship bouts"
Kenny has more than a punchers chance here for sure- Its Diego he is fighting... not Fedor IMHO as always- does anyone else think that K-FLO has less than 5% chance here or am I alone again???

( 4u2nv and I were typing at the same time)
11/10/08 1:17:06PM
I don't know about Diego or Fedor......

But i see this is a 50/50 fight. Both have as much chance of winning as the other imo.

The winner will be the fighter who wants it the most on Saturday night.
11/10/08 1:50:41PM

Posted by postman

Other then a cut I don't see how Kenflo can win this fight.

Are you serious?

I think Kenny will overwhelm Daddy with his stand up.
11/10/08 1:55:09PM
Sorry, Joe...I don't think it's so.

KenFlo via UD.
11/10/08 1:57:09PM
I do think Kenny wins the standup, but if Joe wants to turn this into a wrestling match he could beat Kenny.

I don't see either fighter being submitted, so a decision or TKO via cut is likely.
11/10/08 7:20:20PM
im really pullin for Stevenson but i think Florian will win
11/10/08 7:48:34PM
Kenny has really improved his takedown defense, otherwise I would give this one to Joe. Unless Joe can get the guilotine it's going to be long night and lesson in muay thai. Joe is a bit of a bleeder and I think Kenny will expose that by the third round.
11/10/08 7:54:59PM
Joe is going to have to get a takedown to win this one. I don't see him doing that. Kenny UD
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