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10/21/09 3:54:19PM
It seems the rapid-fire pace of UFC Fight Night 20 fight announcements has gotten to be a little too fast. Intiially there were reports that Efrain Escudero would face Nik Lentz at the January event, but now sources close to negotiations say it's actually Jeremy Stephens that will likely face Lentz. No reason given for the change, but Escudero is expected to remain on the card.

10/21/09 7:53:52PM
escudero needs more of a challenge
i see stephens knocking him out
10/21/09 8:21:23PM
Ok good, Escudero didnt need that fight. No offense to Lentz but Efrain is coming off that big win over Miller.

Well stephens better sure up that TD defense facing the wrestler lentz. Im hoping for a stephens tko so that it was I will stick with most likely.
10/21/09 8:51:45PM
If he can keep it standing for 3 minutes he will land strikes needs.
10/21/09 9:20:57PM
Good. Hopfully Efrain gets some stiffer competition. He surprised the hell out of me when he beat Miller! Stevens should be able to TKO Lentz.
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