UFC 90: Stephan Bonnar to miss Chicago event October 25

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7/25/08 12:25:17AM

“My first reaction was pretty much that I couldn’t believe that the UFC was finally coming to my hometown. Right after that I said to myself, ‘God damn why can’t I be ready to fight?’ … I recently started to get real aggressive with the rehab and my doctor wasn’t very happy about it. I was told to back off a little bit…. As soon as I get the green light it’s going to be all business. I can’t wait to start cracking skulls again.”

7/25/08 12:29:36AM
Too bad, I miss that guy. Not the best, but I bet he would be a contender at 185lbs!!
7/25/08 12:32:34AM

Posted by jae_1833

Too bad, I miss that guy. Not the best, but I bet he would be a contender at 185lbs!!

he would never ever make 185 ... hes bigger then forrest and forrest is huge
7/25/08 12:58:11AM
It's not like Bonnar has below average skills. He's huge for 205, built just like Forrest. In fact if Stephan Bonnar were to put in the time Forest does, I could see him having a similar career eventually. '

He's 31 now, but you're seeing more and more MMA fighters that get better in their mid-thirties.
7/25/08 1:09:33AM
He needs to get back and BE the american pyscho! I really hopes he gets back in the octagon before the end of the year.
7/25/08 3:35:04AM
What he needs to do is stop slugging it out and put those BJJ skills to work. The guy has gnarly submissions.
7/25/08 5:15:25AM
Man ! Bonnar is always out, I remember the Year Long Layoff for using the Roids, I wanna see him back because he's exciting and can Finish from everywhere
7/25/08 11:28:08AM
"Bonner who "


but really is he still under contract?? If yes why??

7/25/08 1:02:29PM
I really can't wait to see Stephen come back.
He is a very under rated, under ranked and very underestimated fighter.
His only losses were very close decisions to Forrest Griffin and Rashad Evans and the loss to Machida which was stopped due to a cut.
Before the stoppage he was hanging in there with Lyoto.
He has 12 wins with notable victories against Kieth Jardine, James Irvin, Sam Hoger, Eric Schafer and Terry Martin.
12 wins, 3 close decision losses and a loss due to a cut.
He has yet to be "stopped" by a true KO or submission.
In my eyes he is in the top 10 or just outside the top 10 in the world Light Heavy rankings.

7/25/08 1:34:09PM
he's just one of those guys that will always be hurt. I have always liked his skills and thinks when he actually works his submission game, he can be very dangerous. I was really looking forward to his fight with Hammil before it was called off.... I thought a 100 percent Bonnar was more than capable of submitting Hammil on the ground.
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