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10/27/10 10:50:44AM
"MMA Fighting recently spoke to Stefan Struve about his upcoming UFC 124 fight against Sean McCorkle and about all the trash talk "The Curtain Jerker" has been saying about him. At the time, Struve seemed to have no interest in responding, but since then, he has started his own photoshop contest on in honor of McCorkle. It appears as though "The Skyscraper" has experienced a change of heart, and is now taking the bait."

I guess I should mention the best part is the photoshop thread. The interview doesn't have too much to it.

10/27/10 12:13:52PM
"Stefan Struve recently won a Joey McIntyre look-a-like contest. Finishing in 2nd place was Joey McIntyre... Stefan Struve is a member of the Swedish Symphony Orchestra. His instrument? The skin flute" -Sean Big Sexy McCorkle

"Photoshop that bitch McCorkle and put it on the internet, the best one will get my UFC gloves after I knock that bitch out!! Bring it!!!" -Stefan Struve
10/27/10 12:24:10PM
Glad that fight is on main card instead of hazelett vs bocek
Just too many welter and lightweight fights on main card
And struve deserves some main card love!!!
10/27/10 4:11:33PM
McCorkle is the biggest alive. He is such a huge he ed his way into the UFC. LOL His gimmik is to compare people to celbs its kinda odd.I heard a interview with him on the Joe show were he went off on Tomas Rios for abot 20 min because Tomas thought he would lose.
10/27/10 4:23:07PM
Haha I just love the way Struve went to McCorkle's boys and offered up his fight gloves, and they're one by one turning on Sean.
10/28/10 9:12:56PM
Wow i cant wait to watch Struve dismantle Mcorkle! If Sean thinks his kits is better than Stefan's, than by all means try and sub him. It would end wuicker than if he decides to stand and bang!!
10/29/10 10:32:20AM
Im nervous for Struve. He is one of my favs and I love to watch him fight but Sean's wrestling might be too much for him. I hate that mcorkle and I hope he gets demolished by Struve but i wouldnt bet on it.
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