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11/8/09 3:06:43AM
Dutch heavyweight Stefan Struve has signed a new four-fight deal that will make him a UFC fighter until 2011, a source close to the fighter tells Fighters Only.

Struve was three fights into a four-fight deal when the new contract was tabled. Having won two of his three outings so far, the new deal is on improved terms.

11/8/09 3:12:31AM
Good for him....and us!
11/8/09 3:57:07AM
Hes the dark horse in the heavyweight division. I dont see him ruling it ever. But he looks better every time
11/8/09 5:48:47AM
Good for him. Would like to see him work on his defense from his back but he did look better against Gormley.
11/8/09 11:11:45AM
This guy is gonna be a force to reckoned with in the years to come. He's not even close to realizing his full potential. He's gonna be nasty.
11/8/09 11:47:40AM
He's shown vulnerability in his three fights, but less and less each time. He's ridiculous in the submission game because of those limbs.

I think the UFC did the right thing here, despite him having lost to JDS and bloodied up by Stojnic. He's so young, yet so experienced and he keeps putting weight on little by little. The heavyweight division is becoming quite strong and deep with young talent.
11/8/09 3:15:18PM
7 foot submission machine
11/9/09 7:48:02AM
just cause he signed for 4 fights doesn't mean he will fight 4 more times
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