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9/27/09 1:24:04PM
Hello All,

I'm a year long member of the site, great posts and great information all over this site!

This will be my first post...maybe second actually...

Tomorrow, Monday Sept 28th I will be in my first MMA training session.

I have no fight experience (other than boxing gloves and being an idiot with some friends) but I've played rugby the last couple years and enjoy the act of humans colliding with humans

Been training really hard the last few months, can only get to a certain level of conditioning on your own though. This week I've been mainly stretching and icing in preparation for tomorrow.

Wish me luck, I'm 27 and I'm looking at this as my last big athletic endeavor (marathon, half-iron, rugby) now this. My end game would be to train my A$$ off for a year or 2 then start thinking about an amatuer fight. I have NO delusions of Grandeur believe me haha

Just thought I'd share, if anyone has any advice for what to expect tomorrow or anything in general, please let me know.

Take care all,
9/27/09 2:30:52PM
Take a cup and mouth guard. Nothing gets to me more then when a guy has benn training for 2 weeks and hes asking me not to use butter fly guard cause he has no cup. Sorry man can't do it. The sooner the better. You prob have them from your Rugby day.

Have fun with it and don't rush into a fight. I have been training for 2 years and have competed in Submission grappeling and kickboxing not sure the cage is where Iwant to end up or not.
9/27/09 6:02:55PM
Thanks man. Yup, got a mouthpiece and a cup, just trying to get mentally ready to be punched in the face by someone trained to punch faces
9/27/09 6:23:37PM
Where you at in Pa?
9/27/09 7:55:23PM
Going to be training out in York.

Looks like we were neighbors at one point, lived in Greensburg from 2004 - 2006
9/28/09 4:43:03PM
Yeah we where. You end up back this way let me know you can train with us.
9/29/09 9:21:15PM
Will do man!

Had my first session, went pretty well for a first day I think. Can't really look side to side too well today, guillotines are bad. Guess that'll teach me to quit ducking my head over and over haha
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