Just starting out, would like some sage advice.

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7/1/08 11:50:04AM
I have done 10 years of wrestling (Freestyle,Folkstyle, and Greco), since my high school days are done I want to try something else and hopefully become a successful fighter. Now to the question: Should I try to focus on my Grappling game (BBJ,Sombo,Judo,Wrestling) and excell what I already have a good base of, or should I go for my stand-up game (Muay Thai, Boxing,Karate) and mix it up with something I am new and a tad unfamiliar with. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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7/1/08 12:29:51PM
Ok, well if you have 10 years of ground experience, all that wrestling. Then IMO i would definetly move to stand up. Now if you want to compete in MMA then you would have to have some standup in your archery.So look for schools around your town.Preferably a all MMA school. Thats what i would do, because if you joined an all MMA school it would focus on ground and standup.But if you were to just train all standup at a school / gym ,etc. Then still at home or with friends still practice some wrestling. 10 years is alot to be wrestling, it definetly wont fade away. But if you were good, then move to stand up, like you said, you want to become a succesful fighter, then you have to be well rounded. So go with standup.

If you have any more questions, just ask.
7/1/08 12:37:39PM
There is a lot of space between:

I want to try something else


and hopefully become a successful fighter.

I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy and have some natural ability in other types of grappling, particulalry one like judo. You might not like getting punched or kicked (most people don't) and your body and rhythm might not be inclined towards picking up striking as easily as you did wrestling, or maybe even as easily as the average person does. It's better to do something you will stick with than start something ambtious and quit.

If you are sure you want to do MMA then you should look to sign up somewhere where you can learn submission style grappling and where you can learn boxing, Muay Thai or kickboxing. This might mean there are few choices for schools in your area or that you'll need two schools. To be really blunt, it will require quite a bit of time and money.

If you're still not sure if it's a sport you want to pursue, I'd suggest signing up for the boxing/kickboxing somewhere for a very short term contract and see how you like it. If you don't then you will probably still enjoy BJJ/Judo, but you'll prefer to focus on that type of training and competition rather than MMA.

Also, check out the thread sticked at the top of this forum.
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