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4/29/08 4:00:38AM
This whole subject is beyond played out IMO, but for those who haven't seen it, Starnes posted on Sherdog. He's no longer a UFC fighter, but the last fight happened in the UFC, so I'm assuming this is the right forum.

If nothing else, his post dispels that he has issues with the UFC's medical department or that he was making a statement. Here it is in it's entirety:

I was never on any Montreal radio show. If anyone knows what radio show that I allegedly appeared on, or has any recording of it or any evidence of it whatsoever I would love to know about it. So far I've only heard rumors and allegations. I did not throw the fight, the fight was not a protest against the UFC.

I will say again what I've said before; I had the game plan of circling and moving to stay out of exchanges and to work off of my jab because he hits so hard, to avoid the clinch because he was very strong and I'd taken knees and elbows there in my previous fight, and to throw some kicks as the fight wore on.

I threw 35 punches in the first round and I would have thrown a lot more had I landed any of them, but I found him very difficult to hit and he was counter punching whenever I would step in, with one of those counter punches almost dropping me early. Most of my takedowns come out of the clinch and when I tried to switch it up and get position in the clinch to take him down I couldn't do it because he seemed much stronger than me.

In the second round it was more of the same except that he almost knocked me out again early which made me more hesitant to throw punches so I decided to throw some kicks and at about 2 minutes into round two I threw a low right roundhouse kick that hit his shin awkwardly and I broke my foot, which stopped me from throwing anymore kicks, other than a few tentative kicks with my left leg. **That is not an excuse for losing it is simply something that happened and for me to mention it I think is quite reasonable.

I found myself in a fight where I couldn't stand with the guy, he was awkward and he hit hard having almost knocked me out three times in the fight, I couldn't take him down and work my ground game (I got him down only once and just managed to land a few shots because he got up so fast), and so I felt like I could either keep moving or get knocked out. Then late in the third he started to mock me out of frustration, but really at that point, I was just a solidly beaten fighter who was trying not to get knocked out, and had fallen into a pattern that I couldn't get out of. It was the worst athletic performance of my life.

Afterword his cornerman was swearing at me and calling me names, I responded to him by calling him names and telling him that he should get in there and fight then, meaning fight in the UFC, not fight me. He apologized to me afterword I suppose realizing that he was out of line, and so did Nate and I know that they were both acting out of frustration and so I forgave them and apologized in return for losing my temper. I think it's rediculous that he be made into some kind of hero for mocking a guy that he just beat the crap out of, and I felt forced into retreating because he had such a good offense. I didn't choose to do it as some kind of protest. I did try to win that fight and I did show up to fight, I don't care what Dana White says, I just wasn't good enough on that day to do it. I have no excuses for losing the fight.

If you want a copy of my medical records the guys at Sherdog can contact me, or Primo at ATT and you'll be provided with that. I can't speak for anyone else, but I have never said that the UFC does not cover a fighters medical expenses, I'm dealing with their medical claims department right now regarding my broken foot and other injuries sustained at UFC 83, and up until this point they have honored their obligations.

I have as much right to discuss what fighters are paid as anyone else and I know a lot about the subject having fought for the organization in some capacity seven times. Believe me, you're paid if you win and tossed aside like garbage if you lose. Until these guys learn to market themselves the payouts are going to remain pathetic compared to boxing and the UFC's little traveling circus will roam from town to town with the billionaires raking in the cash while the fighters split up about five percent of the take between them.

What prompted me to discuss it were comments about it being wise to get knocked out as opposed to moving out of the way, apparently from brain injury advocates who've taken their own advice. I'm not retiring and I've already been offered more than I ever made at the UFC, which was $5,000 and $5000, plus $30000 fight of the night (which they gave me because I had no heart), plus an additional $25000 (because I don't belong in the UFC presumably). That's $65,000 you clever little monkeys, but remember that if I'd lost I would have walked away with a sweet $5000 and a kick in the ass, because they only pay the winners. The only problem with that is, somebody loses every time.

And for those who wish to follow a LINK
4/29/08 5:11:53AM
Ah well, at least hes manned up a little. Tbh, by what hes saying there i think he should try and cut down to 170, becouse while nates a big guy, its not like hes the biggest 185er around. If starnes had problems against him, imagine what he'd be like fighting rich franklin or dan henderson?
4/29/08 10:01:59AM
Well I had it all wrong, I was sure it was a protest.

Mea culpa.

At least he set the record straight, and didn't insult many people in the process.
4/30/08 12:06:46PM
so he basicaly said he was scarded and out classed
4/30/08 12:29:27PM
So at the end of the first round his gameplan wasn't working and he got hit hard and it hurt.

So he spent the next two rounds running away.

And Ken Shamrock wasn't wrong about him?
4/30/08 1:54:09PM

Posted by Whispering_Death

So at the end of the first round his gameplan wasn't working and he got hit hard and it hurt.

So he spent the next two rounds running away.

And Ken Shamrock wasn't wrong about him?

TUF forums get too boring with the same people responding with the same ignorance?
4/30/08 2:44:46PM
Well, at least he has better grammar skills then Ben Rothwell.
4/30/08 3:29:00PM
WTF.. can we get a straight story from any of these ******* sources?

It's hard to know what to believe when apparently every fighter out there changes his opinion day after day on what is and what isn't.

I'd offer my opinion on this writing here, but my bet is that I'll see another interview or some kind of document making false of the claims written here.
5/1/08 5:14:51PM
Yah Starnes really let me down at UFC 83, he represented Canada poorly and showed very bad sportsmanship with all his foul language and disrespect shown towards Quarry.

Im a Canadian myself and can say im not interested in seeing Starnes come back to the UFC again, maybe he can earn a few solid wins somewhere else and get my respect back.

Quarry looked good in there too I think he will shake up the division one day he is a very solid fighter despite his brutal KO massacre from Rich Franklin.
5/2/08 11:32:06AM
This is why I hate speculation and uncredited sources. People were making all kind of claims about what Starnes was doing and why. None with any real comments from Starnes. Another case of someone making something up on the net. and people running with it,, truth or not. I'm not overly fond Starnes, and I can't see why his explanation would make me think he's a good fighter, but he said it himself. He was losing,had a running gameplan, hurt, was almost KOed 3 times, overpowered, and in the end lost. Still, I appreciate him giving his side of it. I am glad he's not in the UFC anymore, and the only reason I can see him getting a raise from anyone, is that people will pay in the hopes he gets a beating. No disrespect to Nate, he's at tough gamer, but I don't see him as top 20 even . If Nate beat Starnes that badly ,then I don't forsee a bright future for Starnes in MMA anywhere.
5/2/08 11:47:27AM
Starnes = Has lost the fighters spirit

And now we can put all the gossip to rest and remember the fight as it was.....

Super Duper Lame

I mean imagine if this fight was the TUF final on season one and not Bonner vs Griffen...... We probally wouldn't be posting on this site right now
5/2/08 12:21:29PM
How do we know this was posted by the real Kalib Starnes?
Is it possible that some Kalib Starnes nuthugger pretending to be Starnes, is just trying to defend him?

I don't buy either story now. Until an official response is posted on I won't believe anything about Kalibs response to his last fight.
5/3/08 10:47:02AM
I'm sorry, but his excuses don't cut it for me. Starnes knew that he couldnt win on his feet, so he would have to take Nate down. He said himself that he got his takedowns by going into the clinch, yet then stated that he couldnt clinch with Nate because he wasnt strong enough. Here's my enthymeme about the situation

Starnes knew he couldnt beat Nate standing up.
Starnes knew he would have to take Nate down to win
Starnes wasnt planning on clinching with Nate again
Starnes wouldnt be able to take the fight to the mat
Starnes knew he had no method of winning.

So if you know you have no method of winning, then wouldnt the proper action be to concede the fight? If Starnes was worried about getting hurt engaging Nate, then he could have simply thrown in the towel like other fighters have. I respect his opinion that it doesnt make sense to engage knowing youll get your face punched in; I dont think anyone would disagree with that. But if he was so beaten, as he said in his interview, then he should have quit. I would respect that a lot more than simply drawing a fight out to decision.

Starnes seems to have forgotten he was getting paid money, however much it may be, to fight. Hell, I could have run away from Nate for fifteen minutes, and I would gladly accepted a few thousand dollars for it. If Starnes wants to whine about his pay, he needs to do what I, and all the other normal fans can't do; win some fights.
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