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4/20/08 8:37:57AM
i really hope the guy wasn't 100% coming into the fight, because if he was that was the most pathetic performance in mma history. that 30-24 score was both hilarious and well deserved.
4/20/08 9:55:19AM
I bet he'll make up some injury excuse, but it was clear that he has no heart, and no desire to engage in a fight. He is also pretty classless, because he refused to shake Quarry's hands, flipped of Quarry, anf then told his own fans to F off and my personal favorite "Why don't you try and fight you f'n fags", which is funny because half of the fans could have fought better than he did. I will also use the word pathetic to describe Starnes last night.
4/20/08 10:08:32AM
That truly was pathetic. He was scared of the KO and what kind of takedown attempts were those?! He didnt follow through with any one thing in this fight. He could obviously land the right hand IF he threw it and he clinched but tried maybe one half hearted leg sweep. This fight also makes me question Starnes' corner...Were they telling him to shoot in or just stand and try to jab it out?

on a side note it was pretty F'ing disrespectful to sit there and chant boring during the fight. Thats why i can never go to an event. ill kill someone.
4/20/08 10:32:14AM
I'd like to think that he had something wrong with him... cause damn. his fight with belcher was great. But with this fight.. I think that maybe he isnt coming back.
4/20/08 11:00:36AM
Yeah, not sure what Starnes' deal was.
That was absolutely ridiculous.

Everything Quarry did was warranted. It really sucks when a guy has to apologize to the fans for not finishing a fight when he is chasing him around for 3 rounds. I was laughing my ass off at the end of the 3rd round. And then listening to the announcer, "I really like Quarry's strategy; throwing a lot of hammer fists".
What was even more funny is that he was still backing/running away.
4/20/08 11:19:26AM
Yeah what a piss poor performance. I was sickened. If I ever see Starnes fight again it'll be too soon. Quarry gets points for dissing on him during the fight though. I always liked Quarry.
4/20/08 11:39:32AM
pretty sure starnes and ufc are done.
4/20/08 12:11:56PM
Sigh, he looked like crap...
4/20/08 12:14:37PM
Starnes performance looked like one of the fallen 16 from the new tuf series. He was probebly under trained.
4/20/08 12:22:43PM
All of us here that watched think there was something wrong like he was sick or something.

But he should have at least let himself get knocked out instead of running like a girl.

On after the bell (on the fight network) Randy said next time they should give him a unicycle so he can get around easier.
4/20/08 1:04:14PM
starnes looks physical weak for middle weight. maybe a drop to welterweight can bring about some new life. he has a bad attitude also. his attitude has followed him from his disagreements with ken shamrock on tuf 3, falling out with his corner men after the alan belcher fight and his last fight ofcourse.
4/20/08 2:57:51PM
Nate Quarry is my freakin hero!!! Best taunt ever and well deserved lol.
4/20/08 3:50:46PM
i dont know what was this gameplan,but surelly he dont follow her.

i dont know what to think because kalib was looking sharp vs leben and belcher and he comeback with a pathetic performance.
4/20/08 4:49:29PM
Kalib Starnes, I was not impressed by your performance
4/20/08 7:06:20PM
Kalib Starnes =
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4/20/08 7:22:29PM
I hope we never see him again. Ive always thought he lacked heart. That performance was up there with the great Per Eklund v Sam Stout at UFC 80.

Absolutely awful.
4/21/08 9:05:04AM
even if he was 100%, i hope he enver fights in the ufc again
4/21/08 9:55:56AM

Posted by CantAndleDaRiddum

even if he was 100%, i hope he enver fights in the ufc again

well if you take what dana said, it doesn't sound like he'll be happy this week in training.
4/21/08 10:07:27AM
4/21/08 10:08:51AM

Posted by AchillesHeel

Here's to Mr. Starnes.

4/21/08 3:33:43PM
I just read on the net that apparently, he was making a statement of protest about the lack of medical and the low salaries in the UFC. If this is true, I hope those of us that paid $$$$ for this event don't forget about how he dicked us, not the UFC.
4/21/08 5:56:44PM
i wanna say this first and fore most... i think starnes performance was horrible, he shouldve at least threw jabs or something as he was backing up. but lets not forget that horrible gash that starnes got during the belcher fight.... it was deep enough to see his skull and was easy one of the top three cuts in ufc history, and after the fight all the money he made went right to his doctors bills (so i read in an article). so i see his frustration but thats not the way to handle it at all and screw the fans over.
4/21/08 6:12:09PM
i also read that he was tryting to "stick it " to the UFC. By not performing at all???????....if he wanted to "stick it to em". He should have trained hard, come out won the fight and after said somthing like fuc the UFC and dana I'm out. Not by running away from Quarry. Also I thought that Quarry's Screech Power's impression.
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