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3/1/09 4:38:04PM
I'm pretty sure I have a staph infection and I need to know how to take care of it. right now I've got the physical symptoms of red skin and swelling around the area.

I've got 3 bumps on my left leg. they looked like little pimples, I thought the were ingrown hairs but the first bump came to a head and popped but it hasn't gone away and its been a week. its shooting pains from it up through my calf muscle. theres one on my mid thigh and one right next to the first.

So can I take care of this at home or should I head to the docs?
3/1/09 4:48:49PM
go see the doctor. if it is a staph infection, which it sounds like it is, you need antibiotics.
3/1/09 7:48:04PM
Exactly, and do it quick. Quick quick quick. Staph is no joke. It can kill you, literally.
3/1/09 7:59:51PM

Staph is no joke.
3/2/09 10:52:41AM
went to the docs today. turned out that it was a very early form of a bacteria that if left un-cared for could have become staph. they gave me a perscription for antibiotics. the bad news is that if these don't work to completely get rid of the infection it could become an abcess. but hopefully they work.
3/2/09 1:50:49PM
good.. for anyone you think it is a skin infection of any kind go to a doc ASAP.. don't mess around. I used to be an EMT and have seen some sick things that people have to deal with their whole lives that if they went to a doc early on could have been taken care of.. I suggest getting some sort of real antibacterial soap.. and I am not talking Dial or the like.. Something that says it can kill staph and other germs and use this after each rolling session or comp.. specially for the guys who do lots of no gi or you have many many training partners who train at other gyms and such.. This stuff would not spread much if people washed properly.. with the right soaps.. regular body washes and soaps do not kill or remove a lot of these bacteria.
4/12/09 8:01:24PM
It helps a ton to wipe down gloves, headgear, shoes, and especially open cuts with an alcohol wipe.
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