2 Stand up strikers = descion?

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9/26/10 2:38:03AM
lol whenever i c 2 stand up fighters against eachother b4 i thought a guaranteed 1st round KO, now i think descion. example Houston vs Kimbo, Gulliard vs Stephans and Lytle vs Serra. lol its weird huh. the point of this topic is 2 list any fights between 2 stand up fighters tht ended by a non descion. also list any fights between 2 stand up fighters tht ended by a descion,besides the 3 i listed. and did any end by 1st round KO?
9/26/10 6:08:03AM

I always found it weird Fedor and CC went to a decision. Especialy considering the fact that both guys landed head kicks,lol.

What about Wandy vs Jardine? That was a first round KO.

9/26/10 9:32:06AM
Chuck v Wandy is a good example of two prominant strikers that went to a very exciting dec. Alsop the 2 fights between Specer Fischer and Sam Stout. And the 2 fights that Scott Smith and Robbie Lawler were great fights.
9/26/10 2:01:26PM
oh ya, 4got bout those, thx.
9/26/10 2:02:19PM
9/26/10 5:12:44PM
here are some non descions where 2 great stand up fighters fought eachother. Rampage vs Liddell ,Cro Cop vs Barry, it was a submission though, A Silva vs Marquart, Rogers vs Arlovski, Slice vs Mercer lol. Carwin vs Gonzaga, JDS vs Yvel, JDS VS Gonzaga, Gonzaga vs Cro Cop. and Jardine vs Rampage was another descion between 2 good stand up fighters. W Silva vs Rampage 1,2 and 3 all ended by KO.Jardine and Liddell was another descion. Leban vs Terry Martin was a hella cool KO. Alexander and Jardine was a KO.Liddell and V White was a TKO. and Vitor Belfort vs Anderson Silva in no way should end by descion, its a 5 round fight and its between 2 great stand up strikers. if that goes 2 a descion then something is not right in this world.
9/26/10 5:14:56PM
i think 2 stand up fighters go 2 descions alot bcause both fighters respect eachothers strikeing ability 2 much and are afraid 2 attack eachother.
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