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4/21/12 1:07:19AM
Hey guys. New member here. 5 years running with MMA. Friend of jakewalters. Hope to be shootin the shit with you guys soon.
4/21/12 1:20:35AM
4/21/12 1:25:18AM
Any friend of JakeWalters is no friend of mine.

I mean any friend of jakewalters is a friend of mine.

Welcome to the forums!
4/21/12 1:32:03AM
I mean 8 years
4/21/12 1:33:08AM
this guys going to co-host with me. im finally done with classes and getting this motherfucker off the ground in the next couple months
4/21/12 1:33:23AM

Posted by jesustapped

I mean 8 years

That's it...I retract my previous statement.
4/21/12 1:44:55AM
Welcome to The Playground man
4/21/12 1:48:03AM
Excellent, Glad to be here mates. Hey you guys hear the one aboot the horse, the jedi and Anderson Silva?

4/21/12 2:35:36AM

Posted by jesustapped

Excellent, Glad to be here mates. Hey you guys hear the one aboot the horse, the jedi and Anderson Silva?

Beastiality in outer space topics are only allowed in the "Introduce yourself" forum so we're all in luck!
4/21/12 7:10:16AM
Welcome to the Playground! Hope you enjoy the forums and the fantasy game! Jake was actually talking a lot of shit about you before you showed up, something about you having terrible taste in movies and knowing nothing about MMA. I was like "whoa Jake, I don't even know this guy but isn't that harsh?" but he was just like "Nah jesustapped is my bitch and I treat him like such".

If I were you, and anything I wrote were true, I'd be PISSED!
4/21/12 12:26:38PM
Welcome. You threw me off with the title. lol
4/21/12 5:18:25PM
Hahaha, yah I was going to go on a tirade about the UG, instead I opted for positivity.
4/21/12 5:20:12PM
That sounds just like the bastard. But in all seriousness, well played sir.
4/25/12 2:08:16PM
If you plan on playing the fantasy league(s), I would love to have you in my camp.

7/14/12 2:29:57PM
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