UFC to stage Silva vs GSP?

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4/23/09 6:07:57PM
sounds like it might happen if GSP wins

4/23/09 6:23:28PM
This would be great, no doubt, but I would rather see Silva make a run at the LHW title.

I can't see Silva holding the WW belt, and I can't see GSP holding the MW belt so this fight seems a bit unnecessary, but
4/23/09 6:26:36PM
Heres my conspiracy theory, silva weighed in at 182 in preparation to meet gsp at a catch weight of 178-180...

But in reality silva has bisping vs henderson to get through first plus all this talk of him taking more fights at 205, maybe this fight could happen at the end of the year
4/23/09 6:32:31PM
really what it comes down to is money and if GSP wins really there is no one left for him to "really" fight sense he has beat everyone kind of the same with Silva so why not throw them together
4/23/09 6:46:12PM
i posted this in another thread and didn't feel like retyping....kinda lazy today!

it's in reference to who andersons next fight would be with-

i really wouldn't mind seeing him face dan henderson again. or for that matter a healthy patrick cote.

i did vote for a top 10 Lhw. he has expressed the need for serious challenges. give him a jardine/ hammil/bisbing or maybe rua. needless to say a "name" at 205. i think this would be a better match up/challenge than a gsp fight. now here me out. gsp is AMAZING! i have extreme respect for his skills but i think anderson might just be a bit much. i think andersons length will help him stay away from gsp take downs. lets say gsp does get him down, he's not called the spyder for nothing. we all know how sick he is on the ground. final point on gsp. first get through alves, then maybe test the waters at 185. i'm not a fan of stepping right into a title fight in another weight class just because you have a belt elsewhere in the ufc. i feel it sets back the rightful challengers. there it is...long winded i know, but thanks for reading my opinion, and that's all it is, my opinion. cheers!

4/23/09 7:53:06PM
cept Alves beats GSP.

Also just to note, I watched Silva's fight and dont be fooled by his preformance he will bring it against opponents that can strike. Thales should have never been put in that title fight. I thought Silva did a good job in the fight, but thales didnt do anything.
4/23/09 8:49:46PM
I see Anderson moving up not down. Noone smaller than him poses the slightest threat.
4/23/09 8:51:42PM
I have no desire to see Anderson TKO GSP. St Pierre vs Johnson may be coming up soon if Johnson does well. Maybe we can see Fitch-GSP 2. Anderson vs Shogun or Anderson vs Marquardt 2 are also more interesting and much more relative fights.
4/23/09 9:05:24PM
I'd love to see this fight but much like the Penn vs GSP Fight. The larger fighter would dominate... Silva would make GSP look silly.

4/23/09 9:46:00PM
I actually definitely want to see this fight now especially since everybodies hating on Silva for those last two fights which IMO weren't even his fault, and especiaslly since everybodies saying GSP can take him now. But I'd give GSP mad respect too but he'll come in to win and actually take the fight to Anderson which will make a better style match up for Anderson which will lead to a real good fight too.

Unfortunately, even though I believe GSP will take the fight too him and make it a way better fight, I still see Anderson taking him out with his deadly combo's just as he's done every else. Wanna see it happen definitely tho.
4/23/09 10:44:25PM
GSP can take down Silva, since Thales did.

I think Silva has too many MW's gunning for him now to fight GSP or fight at 205.
4/23/09 11:18:58PM
Not happening. Alves is going to KO GSP
4/24/09 9:41:32AM

Posted by chickmagnet

Not happening. Alves is going to KO GSP

and then you wake up and realize that can only happen in your dreams.....

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