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7/3/07 6:44:51AM
UFC 72 was available to watch at Gabby's. Do you know any places that are showing Stacked?
7/3/07 7:06:40AM
any licensed bar will most likely be showing it, which means about 75% of the bars in the city.
7/3/07 10:02:20AM
There is a sports bar down the street from me on St Clair W (close to Yonge) that always shows it. However, they charge 10$ cover and you can't get a good seat (due to some kind of cronyism)

Toronto BJJ sometimes goes to Philthy McNastys at Yonge and Eglington.

Showless Joes at Oriole Pkwy and Eglington also shows UFCs.

7/4/07 7:08:29AM
You could go to Hooters and watch it there
7/4/07 11:49:19AM
I used to watch at the Sports Bar Cafe. Midland and Eglington or something like that. It's near Caddy's. Now I just don't leave my house, it's easier that way.
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