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3/24/11 10:51:29PM
Bantamweight :

Miguel Torres vs Urijah Faber - I am surprised that this didnt happen in the WEC. This is really the only BW match up I want to see. I will take Torres.

Featherweight :

If KenFlo does do well enough Kenny Florian vs Jose Aldo. I am just a big KFlo fan. And Aldo is 4th p4p for me. 2 really talented fighters.

Lightweight :

Melvin Guillard vs Dennis Siver. Two really big 155ers. I would take Melvin by UD but if Siver is dominating, he would KO him.

Jim Miller vs Takanori Gomi (If he is still in the UFC) I am a big Gomi fan, but Miller is starting to become one of my favorite up and coming contenders.

Welterweight :

Matt Hughes vs Diego Sanchez - I am really liking Diego lately. I think he could take this fight, and 1 or 2 more could put him against the winner of BJ/Fitch 2. Possibly a Sanchez Penn 2.

Nate Marquardt (if he does the cut) vs Josh Koscheck - I think Josh needs to prove why he is still top 5 welterweights. If he loses, this would put Marquardt at 5 and Kos at around 7.

Middleweight :

Wanderlei Silva vs Chris Leben - All out scrap fest to end em all. I got Silva by KO rd 2.

Michael Bisping vs Nate Marquardt - Nate called out The Count, now I want to see that fight. I want Bisping to win, but my pick is Marquardt by UD. If Bisping wins, he should fight Spider Silva. And then get demolished.

Chael Sonnen vs Anderson Silva 2 - He was the closest to beating Spider, but I think Anderson would KO him. RD 4.

Light heavyweight :

Rashad Evans vs Shogun Rua - Winner gets the number 2 spot in LHW.

Dan Henderson vs Jon Jones - I think Jones could be the first man to KO Hendo. I think Hendo would put up a decent fight though.

Phil Davis vs Tito Ortiz - I want Davis to retire Ortiz.

Ryan Bader vs Phil Davis - This would make for a good fight.

Heavyweight :

Frank Mir vs Fedor Emilianenko - I want to see another UFC fighter beat Fedor. I think Mir would pull out the Submission.

Junior dos Santos vs Alistair Overeem - Two really lethal-handed fighters. I gotta take Ubereem though.

Brock Lesnar vs Antonio Silva - I think Silva could put down the win, but I would be surprised if Brock wins.

Any bouts you guys want to see?

3/25/11 10:50:17AM

Bowles vs Torres
Torres vs Faber
Faber vs Cruz


I honestly don't think there are a lot of good matchups (for the title). I don't see anyone being able to compete with Jose Aldo.


Clay Guida vs Frankie Edgar
Dennis Siver vs Jim Miller
Melendez vs Maynard
Melendez vs Edgar
Aoki vs Gomi


Dan Hardy vs Josh Kos
Matt Hughes vs Nick Diaz
BJ Penn vs Paul Daley


Anderson Silva vs GSP
Chael Sonnen vs Bisping
Wanderlei Silva vs Leben
Nate Marquardt vs Vitor Belfort


Lyoto Machida vs Jon Jones
Anderson Silva vs Rampage Jackson
Rashad Evans vs Shogun
Dan Henderson vs Thiago Silva
Gegard M vs Ryan Bader
Randy Couture vs Forrest Griffin


Lesnar vs Fedor
Couture vs Fedor
Velasquez vs Fedor
Lesnar vs Barnett
Dos Santos vs Bigfoot Silva
Overeem vs Carwin
Mir vs Werdum
3/25/11 4:36:53PM
BJ Penn vs Paul Daley would be cool, I'd never thought of that before.
3/26/11 12:16:56AM
faber vs cruz 2, kenflo vs aldo, j miller vs maynard, fitch vs shields, marquart vs bisping ( anybody that will destroy bisping is fine), silva vs sonnen 2, rampage vs jones, JDS vs cain

i didnt put any strikeforce guys against ufc guys yet, so far it doesnt sound like its gonna happen anytime soon
3/26/11 4:44:18PM
Siver vs Guillard has already happened. Melvin blitzed him really early and took him out in 30 seconds. As for the fights i would love to see

Chuck Liddell vs Roger Gracie.

Randy Couture vs Fedor

Allistair Overeem vs Brock Lesnar

Allistar Overeem vs Cain Velasquez

Wandy vs Vitor 2

Jon Jones vs Phil Davis

Tyson Griffin vs Jose Aldo(145)

Dan Hardy vs Martin Kampman

Diego vs Koscheck 2

Alan Belcher vs Brian Stann

....just to name a few

3/26/11 4:47:38PM
I disagree with no one being able to contend with Jose Aldo...It depends who all drops down to 145 from 55...Kenny and Tyson Griffin would both be interesting matchups for Jose.
3/27/11 9:44:40AM
I will do my top 5 for this year
Strikeforce exluded

Faber vs torres
If faber wins in july. They will be coaches of tuf mark my word

Belfort vs wandy 2.

Dos santos vs velasquez

Sanchez vs thiago alves

And rampage vs shogun

I will add a sixth cause their are many
Florian vs aldo
3/27/11 11:46:55AM

Posted by hathcock32

I disagree with no one being able to contend with Jose Aldo...It depends who all drops down to 145 from 55...Kenny and Tyson Griffin would both be interesting matchups for Jose.

Aldo is going to really get tested now that ucf lightweights can drop down and i think kenny has a chance but griffin is too much of a boxer. Aldo would pick him apart with kicks.
3/27/11 12:54:15PM
I would like to see Phil Davis vs an aggressive striker in the division such as Thiago Silva. I think Davis will eventually earn a shot against Jones, but he's at least three to four fights away. I would like to see him take a natural progression towards that with match ups that test him in all areas, starting with Thiago Silva.
3/28/11 1:21:13AM
Rich Franklin vs Randy Couture

3/29/11 12:25:52AM


3/30/11 1:16:33AM
Fights I really want to see that i hope happen sooner than later:

BW: Faber vs. Torres

FW: Aldo vs. Florian

LW: Sotiropoulos vs. Bocek

WW: Sanchez vs. Nate Diaz

MW: Bisping or Leben or even Akiyama again vs. Belcher (any updates on his eye?)

LHW: Jones vs. Anderson Silva

HW: Carwin vs. JDS
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