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7/26/10 12:23:34PM

4 Competitive fighters make for only 2 interesting fights if you go out of your way to kill the division.

I think if you make the right match-ups at the right time you can get 8-12 good fights out of 4 top notch fighters and the 5-9 sporadically, who do statistically have a better chance at upsetting these fighters than you give them credit for.

Lesnar v. Cain is next,
I think Cain wins that, And say Dos Santos takes the crown.
If dos santos becomes champion, Brock Lesnar takes his crown back.
This leaves you with Brock Lesnar v. Carwin 2, And even though i picked Lesnar in the first one~ I say carwin wins the next one.
When Carwin is Champion, I think Dos Santos would take back the crown.

Thats 5 matches if the Ufc cuts to the most efficient route of disthroning their champs, but if they don't this can stretch to 6-or 7 matches easily. In Championship fights this is 3 years at least, which is more than enough time to let new stars emerge.

If you look at any other division, its much less heavy towards the top of the division, but with just more B+ fighters to fill in for title shots.

In my opinion every other division but LHW has a weaker squad of contenders to fight for the crown.

Got it! But my arguement is under the assumption that Brock beats Cain. Lesnar will then fight the winner of Nelson vs. dos Santos. I see Carwin fighting either Rothwell or Mirko. Carwin can beat either opponent! The winner of Nogueira vs. Mir will figure in somehow. Again, these are two opponents that Lesnar or Carwin can easily dispatch.

All in all, if Cain does not beat Brock, and dos Santos does not beat Brock, then sometime next year, a rematch between Lesnar and Carwin will likely happen. You are right, Carwin can beat Lesnar in a rematch!

Depending on Velasquez and dos Santos, another Lesnar vs. Carwin fight will be on, in 2011. This is how I see it. This is why I suggest that the UFC draft other fighters from other promotions once their contractual agreements are finished.

The UFC is the 800 lb. gorilla of the MMA world! It is time to bestow some real money to bring in the best and most competive fighters in the world.

Money, yes, it will take some money!!

Oh, this is pretty much right on with what I have been saying. Last updated July 24, 2010.

Hey fool! You ready for another beating? You shoulda never came back! - Clubber Lang

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