ufc spring cleaning!! newest ufc fighters cut!

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4/18/09 10:10:55AM
looks like the ufc is still trying to reduce there number of fighters in the organization
here are the new batch of fighters with some of them very surpising

carmelo marrero
pete sell
jared rollins
jason tan
jason day
luko cummo
ryan madigan
per eklund
neil grove
and the saddest one
one guy who didn't deserve it
tim boetsch is gone

some were released cause they just keep getting injured, others were performances
i do see that one day in the future some of these warriors will be back in the ufc
while others like tim might go to strikeforce or afflication
4/18/09 10:13:52AM
Tims a little suprising, although I feel he has been a bit overated due to his barbarian bitch toss in his first fight.

Sucks to see J-Rock go as well..I wish he woulda got another fight after the war machine fight...which was one of the best TUF finale fights of all time.
4/18/09 10:17:11AM
sad to finally see Sell go, and suprised to see Boetsch go, but he did only have a 2-2 record in the company.
4/18/09 10:22:03AM
sell should have been gone a long time ago. everyone on this list seems like good cuts made even botsch what has he done nothing overall make room for the new TUF guys
4/18/09 10:28:48AM
That's a lot of cuts to make all at once

None undeserving though....
4/18/09 11:00:14AM
only alittle suprised to see grove go.

But the others no suprise.
4/18/09 11:35:56AM
Damn I liked Luke Cummo had the come from behind thing down pretty good. It was great fun cheering for him and then actually having him win. I guess he just couldn't cut it outside TUF.
4/18/09 12:28:34PM
Boetsch is the only one on that list that surprises me, though alot of those fighters I really liked. Hope Affliction or Strikeforce picks Boetsch up, could make for some interesting match ups
4/18/09 1:21:27PM
Tim is a little bit of a surprise, but the UFC tried to give him a pretty even match, and he couldn't come out on top. The LHW division is stacked, and there's still a lot of LHW talent not in the organization, so I think it's time to bring in some other guys with more upside.
4/18/09 1:27:05PM
id like to see Boetsch vs Sokoudjou if he gets picked up by the same place...or maybe Mike Nickels as he jhas strung together a few wins..and may pop up on a bigger org. again soon.
4/18/09 1:37:51PM
Dang Tim got cut, that sucks!
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