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5/26/12 4:10:42PM

Posted by Bubbles

I'm the winner. I'm a little fuzzy on why that is, but just go along with it

It's still in my head... Just the back of it

Basically im gonna try and end this season ASAP then do season 10 then call it a game. Sorry guys, ill be finishing this season real soon though, just bare with me.... If you can!
6/3/12 12:04:47PM
Poland vs Greece
Russia vs Czech Republic
Spain vs Italy
Ireland vs Croatia

Week 2/3? Don't know
Pick 2 winners from the above matches taking place next weekend at the Euro 2012 in soccer

Sorry guys, been really busy!
6/3/12 12:27:52PM
We are all still in?

If so my picks are Spain and Ireland
6/3/12 12:31:18PM
Yeah your all still in, sorry to have the same sport twice
6/3/12 7:15:13PM
I'll take Poland and Croatia
6/7/12 12:10:14PM
Spain and what the hell, wildcard Poland
6/10/12 6:21:03PM
looks like nobody went 2 for 2, and only one of us took a team that lost.
6/12/12 2:18:46PM
Budge had a loss - he's out so looks like we're gonna get a new winner

Austria v FYR Macedonia
Montenegro v Sweden
Portugal v Slovenia

Pick 1 winner from the above 3 handball matches.
1 Team per player.
6/12/12 4:15:04PM
I'll take Sweden
6/13/12 4:35:08AM
Know nothing about handball, Austria
6/16/12 10:58:50PM

Posted by dadsinoz

Know nothing about handball, Austria

Congrats dadsinoz, I believe you are the champion and once again I finish 2nd.

Damn Swedes
6/17/12 5:22:50AM
Wow, that i did not expect

Thanks to all who took part

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