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3/19/12 2:01:25PM

Posted by Budgellism

Luke Donald is a champ

and #1 in the world

I forgot to make my pick for the event, not that it matters anymore, but I would have taken Retief Goosen
3/19/12 2:39:57PM
As if it doesn't get any tighter on the road to the champions of champions season (S10) Budgell follows in the footsteps of Ray to become the second man to win 2 seasons. And with only 1 more Season to go till that season; places are valuable. The line up remains the same but 1 spot still remains:
Southside11, nickbithrey, Rabi, Budgellism, Malaussie and Emfleek. But spots have narrowed.

Budgellism, welcome to your second championship reign.

Season 8 winner Budgellism after 7 weeks and 7 sports
Season 7 winner Emfleek after 5 weeks and 5 sports
Season 6 winner Rabi after 3 weeks and 3 sports.
Season 5 winner Malaussie after 4 weeks and 4 weeks.
Season 4 winner Budgellism after 6 weeks and 6 sports.
Season 3 winner Rabi after 6 weeks, 7 sports and 1 Tiebreaker game (Head-to-head)
Season 2 winner nickbithrey after 4 Weeks and 4 sports.
Season 1 winner Southside11 after: 12 Weeks, 8 sports and 3 Tiebreaker games (No favourites - Head-to-head - Tournament Finish).
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