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1/26/12 3:41:54PM
Season 7 winner Emfleek after 5 weeks and 5 sports
Season 6 winner Rabi after 3 weeks and 3 sports.
Season 5 winner Malaussie after 4 weeks and 4 weeks.
Season 4 winner Budgellism after 6 weeks and 6 sports.
Season 3 winner Rabi after 6 weeks, 7 sports and 1 Tiebreaker game (Head-to-head)
Season 2 winner nickbithrey after 4 Weeks and 4 sports.
Season 1 winner Southside11 after: 12 Weeks, 8 sports and 3 Tiebreaker games (No favourites - Head-to-head - Tournament Finish).

This season will start on the 3rd Of February

Please sign up whenever you want, but please do sign up and don't be shy!

The rules of this game are simple. During the week you must pick from a sport I've selected a winner, You can pick any fighter/team on the card/day of matches No more then 2 people can pick the same fighter/team and its on a first come first serve basis unless stated. If he/they win you stay in, if he/they lose you are out. Unless specialised.

In the result of a draw. 2 Draws are considered a loss so your out. 1 Means your still in.


Future weekends will be thought up at a later stage, but for now:

Weekend 1 - 3rd February to the 5th February. Pick a winner from the superbowl: New York Giants vs New England Patriots
No maximum on players per team.


P.S if you haven't done so prop the previous season winners!

1/26/12 3:56:09PM
I'll go with the Patriots
1/26/12 3:57:38PM
New England Patriots.
1/26/12 4:00:11PM
Patriots too, just so everyone knows I aim to be running a champions only season as season 10, so everybody get on the HOF!
1/26/12 4:09:22PM
NY Giants
1/26/12 4:19:14PM
Im In. New England Patriots
1/26/12 4:29:33PM
New England Patriots
1/26/12 4:31:33PM
Congrats on winning last season, Emfleek!

This is a tough game to pick! Neither team really "won" their last game, so much as the Ravens and Niners gave those games away... (my opinion)....

Having said that, I'll take the NY Giants for the repeat.
1/26/12 4:37:04PM

Posted by pmoney

This is a tough game to pick!

The sport survivor has never exactly been easy lol!
1/26/12 5:40:30PM
I'm in Jay. I'll take the Giants (It's going to be a close game though).
1/26/12 5:44:49PM
i cannot fathom cheering for New England under any circumstance.

1/26/12 6:59:03PM
Season 2 Winner FTW, give me the Patriots
1/26/12 6:59:42PM
and yes everyone, i am back!
1/27/12 9:16:05AM
Time to start joining more side games.

The Pats.
1/27/12 12:31:15PM
I'll take the pats in the rematch.
1/27/12 12:45:43PM
1/29/12 4:30:07PM
I'm in, Patriots!
1/29/12 6:43:08PM
2/4/12 3:44:08PM
I'll play.

I can't pick against my hometown Giants for this game. It'd be virtually a sacrilege.
2/7/12 7:00:28PM
Poor_Franklin, pmoney, Budgellism, Bubbles and lohmann All advance to weekend 2, 10th-12th February.

Pick 1 winner from the following NBA Games taking place on Sun, Feb 12.
L.A. Lakers vs Toronto
Chicago vs Boston
Miami vs Atlanta
Utah vs Memphis

Maximum of 2 Players per team.
2/7/12 7:32:33PM
I've gotta go with the Lakers over my Raptors
2/7/12 7:41:29PM
I also got the Lakers over my Raptors
2/7/12 7:44:46PM
I was tempted to take Chicago but The Celtics have really started playing good basketball now that the old men are in shape

Every other game is a toss up.
2/7/12 9:34:57PM
2/8/12 1:35:26PM
Hmmm.. I'll take the Miami Heat
2/8/12 3:17:45PM
I was tempted to take the Raptors, but I knew it was just a desire to be contrarian.

I'll take the Miami Heat.
2/9/12 10:49:11AM

Posted by lohmann

I was tempted to take the Raptors, but I knew it was just a desire to be contrarian.

I'll take the Miami Heat.

Raptors suck and do even more so as long as Bargnani is out (they're like 3-14 or something terrible without him in the lineup). They lost to Washington! lol the Lakers should have an easy time with them...after all the hurting Celtics (at the time) beat Toronto by like 35 points
2/16/12 10:02:04AM
7 updates. Dead game?
2/16/12 11:51:50AM
Crap really sorry guys had a load of exams etc
Bare with me and I'll sort this out
2/16/12 11:56:47AM
exams, shmexams

Side Games are more important
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