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12/17/11 5:25:59PM

Posted by pmoney

With absolutely no research backing my pick, I'll take Norway

Thanks for the PM Flashy G

Sorry guys! Thanks for taking over FlashyG been busy moving out etc

I too will take norway
12/18/11 7:56:13PM
Norway beat France 32-24

FlashyG, pmoney, jjeans, emfleek survive.
12/19/11 4:40:29PM

Posted by FlashyG

Norway beat France 32-24

FlashyG, pmoney, jjeans, emfleek survive.

Thank you so much FlashyG, props alone do not thank you enough for efforts but it is all I can give! And apparently cant even give that.... due to my std's not been spread out enough... Someone else give him a prop please!
12/19/11 11:10:45PM
Anytime jjeans, I hope my helping out brings me good karma for the last couple legs of this game.

I never win at sidegames despite playing most of them.
12/23/11 5:14:50PM
I apologise to all playing but this weekend being Christmas and all I hope we could take the weekend off!
1/2/12 1:37:55AM
When are we starting this back up?
1/2/12 3:20:17PM
Weekend 3 - January 6th-8th. Sorry about the delay.

Players: FlashyG, pmoney, jjeans, emfleek

Sport: Football (soccer) Pick 1 winner from the FA Cup 3rd Round: Matches

Liverpool v Oldham
Birmingham v Wolverhampton
Dag & Red v Millwall
Barnsley v Swansea
Brighton v Wrexham,
Coventry v Southampton
Crawley Town v Bristol City
Derby v Crystal Palace
Doncaster v Notts County
Everton v Tamworth
Fleetwood Town v Blackpool,
Fulham v Charlton,
Gillingham v Stoke
Hull v Ipswich,
Macclesfield v Bolton
Middlesbrough v Shrewsbury
MK Dons v QPR
Newcastle v Blackburn
Norwich v Burnley
Nott'm Forest v Leicester
Reading v Stevenage
Sheffield Utd v Salisbury
Swindon v Wigan
Tottenham v Cheltenham
Watford v Bradford
West Brom v Cardiff
Bristol Rovers v Aston Villa
Man City v Man Utd
Chelsea v Portsmouth
Sheffield Wed v West Ham
Peterborough v Sunderland

1 Team Per Player
1/2/12 4:17:25PM
I'll take Everton over Tamworth.
1/2/12 4:24:46PM
I'm taking Liverpool!
1/5/12 8:31:53AM
Tottenham over Cheltenham

1/7/12 4:47:33AM
Jay! I beg your forgiveness... This two week layoff killed me! I would like to take Chelsea to win of they haven't played yet! I will pick from any remaining games if you will grant me the opportunity
1/7/12 4:54:17AM
They defo havent played yet.
1/7/12 5:01:55AM

Posted by Rabi

They defo havent played yet.

Then pmoney is safe

I'm pretty lenient provided the match isn't underway!
1/7/12 6:04:24AM
You're a champion Jay!

I just remembered to make my pic (in spite of getting your pm!), I saw that huge list, and I said " I remember hearing the name Chelsea FC a lot" and decided to roll with them.

Hopefully they are good in real life and not just FIFA 11!
1/7/12 6:19:00AM
It would be a huge shock if Chelsea lost, as shocking as Johny Hendricks beating Jon Fitch
1/7/12 8:27:07AM

Posted by Rabi

It would be a huge shock if Chelsea lost, as shocking as Johny Hendricks beating Jon Fitch

Oh my!

1/8/12 5:09:46PM
looks like we all survived for another week.
1/10/12 2:17:58PM
paging Jay...

1/10/12 6:10:03PM
Weekend 4 - January 13th-15th. Sorry again about the delay.

Players: FlashyG, pmoney, jjeans, emfleek

Sport: NBA

Pick a winner from Sunday's NBA Matches:

Sunday, 15 January 2012
Detroit Pistons v Golden State Warriors
Denver Nuggets v Utah Jazz
San Antonio Spurs v Phoenix Suns

Maximum of 2 Players per team.
1/11/12 8:48:13AM
San Antonio.
1/11/12 10:50:15AM
I'll take San Antonio as well.
1/13/12 10:39:24AM
I'll take the nuggets!
1/14/12 5:41:13PM
Glad I made it in time! I'll take Denver to win
1/16/12 7:56:14AM
FlashyG vs Fleek final!
1/18/12 8:40:28AM
1/18/12 10:41:38AM
Weekend 5 - January 20th-22nd. Sorry again about the delay.

Players: FlashyG & emfleek

Sport: NFL

Pick a winner from a semi final match:

Ravens vs Patriots
Giants vs 49er

Maximum of 1 player per team
1/18/12 10:46:19AM
New England Patriots
1/18/12 12:20:25PM
I'll take the 9ers
1/23/12 8:24:55AM
1/26/12 3:36:22PM
Season 7 winner Emfleek after 5 weeks and 5 sports

Season 6 winner Rabi after 3 weeks and 3 sports.
Season 5 winner Malaussie after 4 weeks and 4 weeks.
Season 4 winner Budgellism after 6 weeks and 6 sports.
Season 3 winner Rabi after 6 weeks, 7 sports and 1 Tiebreaker game (Head-to-head)
Season 2 winner nickbithrey after 4 Weeks and 4 sports.
Season 1 winner Southside11 after: 12 Weeks, 8 sports and 3 Tiebreaker games (No favourites - Head-to-head - Tournament Finish).
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