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4/15/09 3:03:17AM
came across this former MLB and it just made me laugh...

Kevin Rhomberg -

"Cleveland teammates, including former Major League player and manager Mike Hargrove, called Rhomberg, "Touch Me, Touch Me," and it is reported that opposing players and teammates, loved nothing more than to touch Rhomberg and then run off, sending him into a near panic. According to one story, former Indian teammate Rick Sutcliffe once reached under a bathroom stall to touch Rhomberg on the toe. Not knowing whom the culprit was, Rhomberg went around the clubhouse and touched each player. Brook Jacoby once told of tagging Rhomberg with a ball in the minors, then throwing it out of the stadium. Jacoby said that Rhomberg spent two hours looking for the ball before finding it. An umpire once halted play during a game in New York to tell Yankees players to stop touching Rhomberg. If a person somehow eluded his return touch, Rhomberg would send a letter that said, "This constitutes a touch"
4/15/09 3:09:02AM
HAHAHA! Thats psychotic!
4/15/09 10:07:32AM
All pro athletes are a bit obsessive compulsive. You have to be in order to stay on track with whatever training you are involved it. But it seems to me that baseball players in particular take it WAAAAY over the top.

They are a finicky bunch of people. I think it's probably because of the repetitive nature of the game. Because everything is so routine in the context of the sport players often adopt the habits they had during a particularly lucky streak. Those in turn become obsessions.

Stories like that are always funny to hear.
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