AP Sports Story Of The Year...It's Not Tiger

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12/23/09 1:12:18PM
It's steroids and the shadow they've cast in baseball. AP did allow voters to submit new ballots because the Tiger scandal broke after voting started, but only 10 voters of 161 did. The Top 5 stories:
1-Steroids in baseball
2-Jimmie Johnson's 4th NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship in a row
3-Roger Federer's 15th career Grand Slam Title
4-Brett Favre un-retires (again) to lead Minnesota to NFC North Title
5-Tiger sex scandal
And that wasn't all for Tiger-he also was #10 for his post-injury comeback this year pre-scandal. I don't yet know #6-9.
12/24/09 12:01:36PM
Steroids in baseball. Really?! Haven't we gotten past that yet? That shouldn't even be a "story" anymore. Steroids in ALL sports is the norm. There's no new "news" to that.
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