EA Sports going to bring out MMA Game to compete against THQ'S UFC Game!!!

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11/22/08 11:41:30PM
WoW this could be very cool!! But my question is, who will be the fighters?. I really hope Affliction fighters, or even Dream/K1 fighters.

What are your guys thoughts, either way im very pumped to hear this!.

11/22/08 11:52:39PM
My thoughts are that the article is from 9 months ago...if there was any headway, we would've probably heard more about it by now. I'm not opposed to the idea, but I think that's all it was...an idea.
11/22/08 11:55:10PM
I dont think it would be as good as the UFC's game.

Plus you got all these guys in different orgs and then they have to agree to be in the video game.
11/22/08 11:55:40PM
well, i think it could happen.

EA fought with 2k to steal the NFL license.
They also compete in hockey with 2k as well as basketball.

I guess it comes down to who they wil use as fighters is the big question.
So we may wait awhile. But in due time i believe it could happen.
11/23/08 12:01:56AM
I have a buddy working for EA. He might know if there is something going on.
11/23/08 12:07:15AM
Well let us know ...get the inside scoop.

I think it would be great if it was just random mma fighters...everyone but UFC.

11/23/08 12:14:18AM
yeah its still coming out should be good a few mates of mine have got to BETA test it

but i dont no the full details on it no
11/23/08 1:08:18AM
EDIT- I don't think the other companies own the likenesses of their fighters.

EA are the masters. They will bring out a game 10 times as good as the UFC's Tekken(plus ground) system they have going.

Seriously UFC- no cardio system- twitchy Tapout fight system- Big Names.

If EA is able to adapt the R Stick for wrestling/subs(takedowns/reversals) the way they make great use of it in everything else and incorperate a good cardio system they will dominate in quality.

Having someone like Fedor, Arlovski, or Cro Cop as a coverboy they could get interest from guys who've followed the sport for any more than a year.

Maybe I'm just hoping really hard but if anyone can put out an actually not shitty looking MMA fight system it's EA. For some reason THQ obviously failed as far as the real demo looked.
11/23/08 2:24:49AM
Even without big names and faces (signature moves ect) of the UFC...this game could be great. I just hope both have good ways to create and customize your own characters.
11/23/08 3:01:14AM
From what I know, EA will make a much greater game. Though it wont sell nearly as well the the UFC's. And I hope, and always hoped, the UFc was in a colab with EA and not THQ.
11/23/08 6:44:45AM
It could end up being like Fire pro wrestling,in which everything is their to create any MMA fighter in the world,plus a list of already made fighters with just slightly different names which you can change.
11/24/08 5:31:39AM
Here's a pic from it (J/K)

11/25/08 12:23:02PM
they announced this back in May

11/25/08 12:54:45PM
I wouldn't mind a game like the FIFA series with all the national orgs in this case the different MMA organizations then their fighters within. But that would be a lot of Licensing for EA Sports since there's not a global org that manage all (a la FIFA) for MMA.
As I supporter o fthe actual sport and not a UFC nh, I'm happy that EA is doing this.
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