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6/21/08 12:12:13AM
anyone else watvhing? it has been pretty decent so far

i just got hdnet today it hasnt been available in my area. finally got to catch an insidemma on friday instead of waiting for it to get posted on sherdog, and then some live fights, sweet!
6/21/08 12:52:14AM
i am war hdnet
6/21/08 3:48:14AM
I watch MMA every weekend thanks to HDNet and orgs like SportFight. My internet viewing is now limited to WVR & YAMMA .
6/21/08 7:05:27PM
Yeh i'm watching Sport Fight now, but Hdnet is bad ass it's like every weekend they have something worth watching. Luckily I got it right before they started covering MMA because before that they really didn't have alot of things that were worth watching. I would advise people to get it even if they don't have a HD TV,because they have a Shit load of MMA on there.
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