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8/27/11 11:01:24PM

Okay no suprise who won this fight but what does suprise me-for the life of me why did Okami pretend he was a brick wall and just stand their for most the fight? Props to Anderson,great performance,you do with your body what Chael does with his mouth and that's a major accomplishment.

But Okami....Why? It was like you didn't even try.
8/27/11 11:10:22PM
Okami look beat when he was walking out. Chael's self confidence didn't rub of on Yushin.
8/27/11 11:14:05PM
He fought scared. I think he realized he was going to get countered no matter what he did, threw him off his game plan.
8/27/11 11:18:49PM
Okami was intimidated. He looked like a fighter who was unsure of himself and even confused.

This is the worst Okami I have seen. I really do not know what happen there..

I know Sonnen is watching and shaking his head. I am too.
8/27/11 11:27:58PM
Yeah, you know Sonnen is not a happy camper right now. Now we have to hear about how he wasn't impressed with Anderson's performance, and how disrespectful Silva was, and how he'll bring the fight to Anderson.
8/27/11 11:29:06PM
ok so pound for pound of all time enthusiasts.... champion of all time enthusiasts... i understand some think hughes has the edge, but its untrue. okami isnt the deciding factor by a long shot... but anderson does it effortlessly, and i still think he has faced comparable if not not better comp in his division.
8/27/11 11:31:26PM
The bigger question should be, How did Big Nog win and by a KO? I could see him winning by a sub, didn't see him winning by KO at all.
8/27/11 11:34:03PM
Not surprised by the outcome at all, but I was shocked to see Okami so willing to try and stand with Silva. Somehow Silva gets guys to stand with him willingly even when they should know they have no chance there.

I'm not saying that Okami would have been able to take him down, but he should have kept trying, and put 100% effort in his takedown attempts.
8/27/11 11:53:45PM
Chael wins rematch rather easily
8/28/11 12:05:28AM
Don't start with that crap
8/28/11 12:25:25AM
Nice fights tonight
Could believe cane lost another fight he was winning than tried to do a spiderman crawl off the cage which was bizarre

And big nog winning by KO
Schaub title hopes went out.

Glad to see shogun win.

And silva. Best fighter ever!!! Give the guy his due!!! I know a lot don't like him but you gotta respect him.
8/28/11 1:04:37AM
Very suprised Okami didn't shoot from the get go. He's never been tapped and against better juijitsu guys. If he got silva down he had a damn good chance but yeah even in the clinch Okami gave Silva space. Okami looked hopeless, Silva greatest ever thus far...
8/28/11 3:25:53AM

Posted by BuffaloDave

The bigger question should be, How did Big Nog win and by a KO? I could see him winning by a sub, didn't see him winning by KO at all.

Schaub has a terrible chin, and NOG IS BACK

Well sorta, but Nog has always had very accurate hands.
8/28/11 3:29:24AM
Okami doesn't aggressively shoot for takedowns, never has. Add into that the fact that Okami had no success on the feet. Making his takedowns become even harder to employ because he couldn't set them up.

Okami just didn't have the skill-set, or more accurately, tactical habits necessary to get the fight to the ground.
8/29/11 1:54:15PM
I'm not going to fighter bash, but did anyone really think Okami would win that fight? What threat does he really pose to Anderson? Okami has sub par striking, his wrestling is decent, but lets be honest...

Okami had one big win, and that was over a sluggish looking Nate Marquardt... He's just not on Andersons level, hell i don't think he's on Vitors, nor Chaels either. I'm not saying he didn't deserve the shot, because he probably did, especially with the other two being booked in fights/just coming off fights, but it was what i would compare to a squash match. Loved how the UFC hyped it by saying "He's the last man to defeat Silva", yet hardly ever mentioning how that win came to be. I'm trying not to fighter bash, i think Okami is a good fighter, just not on the level of the UFC elite.

Anderson's biggest threats at 185 are Chael and Vitor, and he won both of those fights, time for a 205 move Spider, and please UFC don't match him up with a Luiz Cane or someone on that level.

Sounds selfish, but Andersons last two fights i honestly thought could go either way when they were announced (Vitor and Chael) - but once i found out he was fighting Yushin in Brazil, there wasn't a question in my mind in what the outcome would have been..

Hopefully they find a matchup for Anderson quick, it will suck not watching the guy wait for months for a new contender, I think a jump to 205 would be awesome, especially seeing how he didn't take any damage in his fight with Okami at all.
8/29/11 3:16:55PM
^ Okami has never been tapped and by better grapplers then Silva, if he got Silva down he'd have a might better chance of grinding him out then Chael who's a triangle/armbar magnet. He just didn't shoot like he should.

Nobody gameplan should be to fight on the feet with Silva or you screwed. If Okami could get Vitor down he'd beat him. But for some reason Okami didn't look like Okami saturday.
8/29/11 6:59:14PM

Posted by 40ouncetpkid

Nobody gameplan should be to fight on the feet with Silva or you screwed.

Hence why I only wanna see Brian Stann or Munoz win is if the wrestle there opponents. I don't care that Stann isn't a better wrestler, if he pulls off the upset and KO's Sonnen, I couldn't give a crap. I only wanna see Silva fight legit competition be it:

Shogun at 195.
Hendo at any weight.
Or the top pack at 205
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