(Spoiler?? not really)Size Matters: The Ultimate Fighter Season Ten Roll Call

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6/30/09 10:08:39PM
We are currently three weeks deep into the taping of the upcoming tenth season of Spike TV’s The Ultimate Fighter. This season is set to feature nothing but the big boys as sixteen larger than life warriors will be duking it out to determine the king of the heavyweight Ultimate Fighter crop.

The Ultimate Fighter: The Heavyweights could already be considered the most highly anticipated show of the series largely in part of the recent announcement that none other than Kevin Ferguson, aka Kimbo Slice was expected to enter the shark tank.

The timing couldn’t be any better. I don’t think that I’m alone in saying that the most recent season of the show was the most lackluster of the series to date. Never have I been as unengaged with a season of TUF before season nine.

The most successful television show in mixed martial arts needed a drastic change, or a makeover in a sense. It needed something, and it looks like it has found its answer in the form of sixteen mammoth sized brawlers willing to put their bodies on the line in the pursuit of their dream to become a UFC heavyweight.

A full list of the men expected to appear on the tenth season of The Ultimate Fighter was recently released by the popular U.K. newspaper, The Sun. Among them are four former professional football players, a portly wrecking machine, a thugged out Internet sensation, UFC veterans and MMA rookies alike, The Ultimate Fighter: The Heavyweights is sure to have quite the variety of personalities and schools of thought

6/30/09 10:58:33PM
just a reminder to leave any rumors about what happens this season off of the news threads ok. posting this isnt a biggie to me, but some of you have heard some rumors and it would be best to leave them off of this thread because the show has only been taping for a few weeks now, lets not ruin this season for anyone. thanks.

EDIT: you can however post them in the spoilers forum.
7/1/09 7:01:04AM
personally I didn't think it was really a spoiler since there is no win and in fight this season so its really just the cast...I understand exactly what you are saying though thats why I put that little warning at the top
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