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1/25/13 4:17:37PM
Mike Dolce has one question for Quinton Jackson: "Why would you do that?" The nutrition/weight-cutting consultant and former fighter has been perplexed by the ex-champ's attack on him in the buildup to to this Saturday's UFC on FOX 6 event.

1/25/13 4:24:11PM
FATpage Jackson sighting

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1/25/13 4:24:56PM

Posted by Chael_Sonnen

FATpage Jackson sighting

1/25/13 5:44:39PM
Dolce is the shit and it has been proven constantly.
1/25/13 8:08:52PM
Rampage blames everyone for his failures and accepts no responsibility. I won't miss him at all once he's gone. Hopefully we won't have to hear from him once he's out of the big shows.
1/25/13 8:26:03PM
Well he sure did look good at the weigh ins...
1/25/13 11:49:37PM
the more i hear from rampage the more i want glover to knock him out.
1/26/13 12:06:35AM
Im ready to see him out of the UFC. He's been a disappointment as of late and isn't anywhere near a complete fighter. He needs to focus on something else for awhile
1/26/13 10:25:54AM
I like Dolce, he's a class act
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