Spirit MC 18 Results/Video (Denis Kang Title Fight)

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9/1/08 9:43:20AM
Results from the event in Korea and also a link to the full video of Denis Kang's fight:
Denis Kang (30-10-1) defeated Jae Young Kim (10-6) via KO (1:31 - R1)
Ui Cheol Nam (8-0) defeated Se Young Kim (0-1) via TKO (0:52 - R1)
Jin Suk Jung (3-2) defeated Jae Hyun So (2-5) via TKO (1:21- R2)
Hoon Kim (1-0) defeated Ho Jin Kim (7-4) via KO (4:27 - R1)
Hoo Joong Kim (1-0) defeated Dae Han Choi (0-1) via TKO (3:10 - R1)
Dool Hee Lee (2-3) defeated Dae Hyun (0-1) via armbar (3:30 - R2)
Seung Bae Whi (5-1) defeated Chang Seob Lee (1-2) via TKO (4:28 - R1)
Seung Hwan Kim (4-3) defeated Ok Myoung Kim (3-3) via guillotine choke (1:43 - R1)
Ye Won Nam (3-1) defeated Jeong Hyeon Hwang (2-1) via KO (1:27 - R1)
Dong Hyun Kim (4-3-2) vs Sang Il (0-0-1) ended in a draw


Video at the link.
9/1/08 10:27:52AM
Holy crap how are we supposed to keep track of all of these names? The only two I know are Kang and Dong Hyun Kim (and it's not even the right one).
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