Spike To Air Rogan Comedy Special After TUF 9 Finale

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4/21/09 12:51:37PM
June 20 will be a good night for Joe Rogan fans. After he's done working the TUF 9 finale, Spike will air a one-hour special from his comedy performance taped the night before UFC 96. And according to Rogan, the midnight ET timeslot means the show can and will air uncensored.

4/21/09 2:27:41PM
Thanks for posting this. I spent 20 minutes trying to figure out when it would air and never found any info. Still editing I guess.
4/21/09 5:38:57PM
That's great news, I love joe Rogan's standup, it's f**king hilarious
4/21/09 5:44:20PM
Joe Rogan is a funny motherfuker if you haven't already seen his stuff check this out for sure
4/21/09 7:12:31PM
This is great. I'll probably DVR it and watch it the next day............as i have to be to work by 5. I love Rogans stand up. Shiny happy jihad is a very funny album. and some of the you tube stuff where he heckles hecklers is awesome.
4/21/09 10:13:55PM
I must be the minorty here but i honestly dont enjoy his standup
4/21/09 11:20:47PM
I agree Joe Rogan is one funny S.O.B.
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