Spider camp calls Silva greasing allegations ‘Ridiculous’

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4/21/09 1:46:08AM
“How much Vaseline can they put on someone’s eyebrows that’s going to make a difference? Where’s he going to wipe it? If he wasn’t wiping it on his shorts, where would he wipe it? It wasn’t like he was rubbing it in. He just took it off. We didn’t put it on. It was [the cutman] that put it on.”

4/21/09 2:44:39AM
this stuff is really starting to piss me off
4/21/09 10:16:30AM
talk about beating a dead horse!!
4/21/09 11:43:42AM
Why was GSP's situation any different ? He is a cheater right ?
4/21/09 12:29:19PM
I seen Silva do that and my first thought was, OMG Sherdog is going to have a hay day with this. I looked over at my wife and said, "I bet you Sherdog has an article up within two days about this".

Ok I got the Sherdog part wrong only because Gross now works for SI. What an Idiot.
4/21/09 1:37:27PM
Whether it was enough to make a difference or not is inconsequential. People are watching for this stuff now, and they're pissed off. If it was an honest mistake, it was at the very least a stupid one. These guys know this subject is still in heated debate. If he had too much vaseline on himself he should have asked the commission or his corner to use a towel to wipe it down.

Although I do have a small problem with the wiping on the chest, I don't so much have a problem with it on his chest as I do the part where he wipes it on his arm. I mean he clearly covers the entire arm. When I've had grease on my hands before, sure, I'll admit I've used my shirt to wipe it off. One thing I've never done out of instinct, though, is wipe my entire arm front side and back side.

"Mmmm these fries are good.. oh ****, I don't have a napkin and my fingers are greasy.. let me wipe my arm real quick." Just doesn't make any sense.

Even when I'm training and I get sweaty to the point that vaseline gets in my eyes, I generally reach up with the back of my glove, wipe my forehead/eyes and then rub them on my shorts. It happens to me all the time because I'm bald. It's just not a natural instinct to cup and wipe down your entire arm when you're greasy.

4/21/09 1:44:38PM
Yea I gotta admit it looks alot more sketchy then the GSP situation. Do I think Anderson was doing it to get an edge? Not really I don't think he needed an edge in this fight but I would be curious to hear why he would do that.
4/21/09 2:48:40PM

I don't think he realizes what he is doing , but it does look bad yet again

but I can predict that some changes are coming

and perhaps rightly so, it is time to take some serious steps to at least prevent this stuff in the future

I just hate to see this tarnish on a sport we hold so highly
4/22/09 2:33:43PM
what was the time in the match that this happend because of all the hoopla im hearing i havnt seen it personally so. can someone help me out. i really REALLY dont wanna have to watch this fight from start to finish if you know what i mean
4/22/09 6:28:22PM
Yeah but putting "too much" vaseline right now is like being a Major League baseball player with Diabetes shooting insulin in the outfield before a game. Bound to rouse a little suspicion...not a smart move.
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