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4/12/08 2:10:34PM
Any word on whats up with him is he still going to be fighting with the UFC I would like to see him start fighting some top comp I think his striking has improved alot but haven't heard much on him lately.
4/12/08 2:44:26PM
Until he works on his ground game, he will continue to be taken down and sat on for fifteen minutes... I love Spencer Fisher, hes one of my favorite fighters, i like his down to bang mentality, no matter who it is. Having got that off my chest, uhh no idea what hes up to, im pretty sure hes still recovering from an injury as he was supposed to fight Maximus but had to pull out due to injury
4/12/08 3:36:06PM
injuried and that's about it
4/13/08 12:35:19AM
I hope he comes back sooner rather than later. Think about it. How great would it be to see a Spencer Fisher vs. Clay Guida fight. That would be a barn burner for sure!
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